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Red Cherry #600 review - My New Favourite Lashes

img_20140821_134827[1]You may have seen on Instagram (@LaurenLondon94) that I recently tried out the Red Cherry #600 false eyelashes. I had originally been after the #106 because I fell in love with them when I noticed that LoisMua (one half of BeautifulDarkness here on WP)  used them in most of her makeup looks. I just thought I’d pick up something else while I was ordering as you never know…. Here they are together:


Scary right? … So the only reason I used the #600’s first was because when I opened the package, the #106’s looked horrid to me, not something I’d wear at all. (I’m still yet to try them out properly but I have rested them on the eye and they don’t look as bad as I thought).

If you read my false eyelash virginity losing posts, then you’ll know that I had wanted natural looking short lashes which neither of these are. I’ve since branched out a little as I’ve realised that longer lashes really do make your makeup look better even if you’re just using a lot of brown or neutral colours.



These lashes are both long and short at the same time with the short lashes being the exact same length as my short little natural ones which means that these lashes blend even better than a straight up long pair would usually do. I’m not really arsed about the 100% human hair claim because 1) that sounds nasty to me and 2) they don’t feel human, nor do they look it. They’re quite shiny just not as shiny as your obvious fake falsies like a £1.00 Primark lash or something from a beauty supply store. What I am bothered about is how these look on me.

And that isn’t too bad I don’t think….



The black lash band means that I did have to work a bit with the Maybelline gel liner to really cover it up but I think these lashes call for drama on the eye anyway.


As you can see from the way I’m holding the lash tray, these lashes look noticeably different from different angles. Even more so than other lashes I’ve used over the past few months. Looking directly above they look very, very thick around the base and feather out in what I can only describe as ‘clumps’…. However when looking straight ahead or at an angle they look more like the top lash which is a little bit more ‘natural’ than the bottom. I can assure you that they are both the same lashes though.

I’ve really taken to these lashes having worn them now for the past three days. I think they’re exactly what someone like me, with naturally thick but short lashes needs in order to add some length and drama. The lash band was the perfect length and like other Red Cherry lashes it’s easy to bend and shape to the eye. It wasn’t very difficult to steal top spot but these are now my new favourite lashes!

What are your all time favourite lashes? I need some new styles to try out! xx

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Red Cherry isn’t the only popular brand stocked either ↓



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