B E A U T Y | A Q U A S E A L*

Makeup Revolution Aqua Seal Liquid Eye Primer Review


I know we’ve all had that one eye shadow that has gorgeous glitter in it but when you apply it the glitter magically gets lost between the pan and your eyeball. We’ve all had that one loose pigment that loves to fudge up your flawless foundation with dark patches and black smudges on your cheeks. Well, Makeup Forever have been solving that problem for the North American beauties for a long while, but I’m yet to find any primer that claims to do the same (transform powder formulas and pencils into smudge-proof, long lasting makeup ) here in Britain.

That’s where the Makeup Revolution version of Aqua Seal comes in. Same deal, cheaper price. (£3.00)  Continue reading


B O O K S | T H E U N P R E D I C T A B L E C O N S E Q U E N C E S O F L O V E*

bookI haven’t done a book review in a loooooong, long time! What is wrong with me? Well, what’s wrong is that I haven’t read anything. Well, I read Harry Potter 1-7 at the beginning of the holidays but I don’t count that because I know the story back to front. When I get into these types of ruts where I just have no motivation to read, I start off with something light and easy to get me back in the mood to read things a bit more taxing. I was in ASDA and decided that a Jill Mansell book would do the trick, it was rolled back to £3. A whole saving of 50p!!! Whoop! ‘The Unpredictable Consequences of Love’ is nothing too mentally taxing and nothing that will require too much thinking. Jill writes those lovey dovey girly books that start off with a character that has some sort of problem or issue and a man comes along and suddenly solves that problem and everything is hunky dory. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | T H E B A L M – N U D E ‘T U D E*

theBalm Nude'tude Palette Review w/swatches

NUDETUDETHUMB.jpgA week or so ago I caved in and ordered myself a cult beauty favourite, the NUDE’tude palette from theBalm. Feel Unique were offering 20% off of theBalm plus an extra 10% off of all sale items with a coupon code as well as free delivery on orders over £10. This brought the palette down from £26 to £19.08. That means, individually each shade went down from £2.16 to £1.59. Like, are you kidding me?! Plus, in addition to that, not only is this palette a favourite of nude shadow lovers, but it’s also 100% paraben and cruelty free YAAAAAAAY!

"This amazing palette consists of 12 beautiful shadows that make wearing nudes sexy! These satiny smooth colors can be applied naturally, i.e. “let me slip into something more comfortable” or beautifully layered. The wide range gives you light highlighters as well as brazen bold shades that work to add definition and emphasis to your lids. Nude`tude allows you to dramatically dress up your eyes—if nothing else!"

Continue reading

B E A U T Y | I ♥ M A K E U P – W O W S T I C K S*

I ♥ Makeup  The Wow Stick Full Collection Review w/ Skin & Lip Swatches


Is there a prize for being the ultimate Makeup Revolution fan girl? Because if there is, I think I'd win it!

Yesterday, our amazing post man Richard brought me yet another MUR package, this time containing the entire Wow Stick collection. Eight ultra matte, pigmented crayons that glide on for long lasting, waterproof lip colour and are all named after Blondie/Debbie Harry songs. Thanks for sending these over Makeup Revolution, it’s only been two days but I’m already a huge fan of this formula. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | I ♥ M A K E U P – L I P G E E K*

MakeUp Revolution I ♥ MakeUp Lip Geek w/ lip swatches – Totally NOT Boring


National Lipstick day saw me review my first ever lip geeks Barbie is Jealous and Colour Overdose (here) and I recently bought myself another, Totally NOT Boring, during a huge MUR haul. Please check my first post for the two other colours and a more detailed look at the product in general.

Like I said last time. the formula is very creamy and the colour is highly saturated, they retail for £2.99 and are more than worth the price! Continue reading

S K I N C A R E | T H E B O D Y S H O P – V I T A M I N E A Q U A B O O S T S O R B E T*

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet Review 


Keeping it short and sweet today and giving a quick review of one of the newer products from the body shop. Released sometime in late July (I think), I’ve been using the new aqua boost sorbet for around a month and a half and am quite enjoying it. I’m also enjoying the fact that after all that time, using it daily, sometimes twice, I still have more than half left which is great considering the price of the stuff! (£12.00).

Initial thoughts were that the texture was very odd. When you first put it on your face it kind of separates. Once you rub it in it feels cold, not just cool, actually cold, which is really quite nice on a hot day or if you need that extra kick in the morning to wake you up. Continue reading