B E A U T Y | I ♥ M A K E U P – L I P G E E K*

MakeUp Revolution I ♥ MakeUp Lip Geek w/ lip swatches – Totally NOT Boring


National Lipstick day saw me review my first ever lip geeks Barbie is Jealous and Colour Overdose (here) and I recently bought myself another, Totally NOT Boring, during a huge MUR haul. Please check my first post for the two other colours and a more detailed look at the product in general.

Like I said last time. the formula is very creamy and the colour is highly saturated, they retail for £2.99 and are more than worth the price!


SAM_2500 SAM_2501


The colour is most definitely berry toned but with purple and gold running through it. The gold does not show up as a shimmer but just an undertone that’s very flattering on tanned and dark skin. It’s kind of a daring everyday colour if that makes any sense.

Fotor0903191249I wore this shade to my cousin’s wedding on a fairly humid day. There was definitely a whole lot of food and drink lots of kisses (family and friends) and things that would usually ruin any other lipstick. This Lip Geek held up spectacularly. It lost a bit of sheen but the colour remained on the lips and was not patchy even after several glasses of prosecco and a few g&t’s. I only had to reapply once for the entire day. I put my lipstick on around 1pm and didn’t get back to the hotel until 1am!! That’s pretty good going if you ask me!




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