S K I N C A R E | T H E B O D Y S H O P – V I T A M I N E A Q U A B O O S T S O R B E T*

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet Review 


Keeping it short and sweet today and giving a quick review of one of the newer products from the body shop. Released sometime in late July (I think), I’ve been using the new aqua boost sorbet for around a month and a half and am quite enjoying it. I’m also enjoying the fact that after all that time, using it daily, sometimes twice, I still have more than half left which is great considering the price of the stuff! (£12.00).

Initial thoughts were that the texture was very odd. When you first put it on your face it kind of separates. Once you rub it in it feels cold, not just cool, actually cold, which is really quite nice on a hot day or if you need that extra kick in the morning to wake you up. I did notice that because of the nature of the sorbet it isn’t a big fan of any hair on the face. It clumps a bit in the eyebrows and really doesn’t get along with peach fuzz. I found myself going against everything my mother taught me about pushing the cheeks upwards when you moisturise and instead trying to get the cream to stop being annoying with the fuzz by smoothing the cream downwards. Little bit annoying but I did see a marked improvement in the texture and appearance of my skin especially the old acne scars I have on both sides of my face. My skin appeared to get a lot of colour back that was lost through my anemia as well which is quite good as I look a lot less yellow.

The only issue I have is that the texture of the sorbet not only fights with my face fluff every day but also interferes with my makeup primer. The two textures just don’t work together at all because my primer (No7 Beautifully Matte) is ultra mattifying and the sorbet is obviously moisture enriched. My foundation ends up looking quite patchy where the two products clash. I switched to a water based primer when using this moisturiser as the two hydrating products worked much better with each other.

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed this product and may purchase it again once I’ve used up some other creams that I’m trialing. It’s ultra hydrating as you’d imagine from this kind of product but I’m not sure it’s any better than a regular face cream. The sorbet type thing is quite innovative though.


3 thoughts on “S K I N C A R E | T H E B O D Y S H O P – V I T A M I N E A Q U A B O O S T S O R B E T*

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