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I ♥ Makeup  The Wow Stick Full Collection Review w/ Skin & Lip Swatches


Is there a prize for being the ultimate Makeup Revolution fan girl? Because if there is, I think I'd win it!

Yesterday, our amazing post man Richard brought me yet another MUR package, this time containing the entire Wow Stick collection. Eight ultra matte, pigmented crayons that glide on for long lasting, waterproof lip colour and are all named after Blondie/Debbie Harry songs. Thanks for sending these over Makeup Revolution, it’s only been two days but I’m already a huge fan of this formula.

Each crayon costs £2.99 and comes in its own box which has the name of the shade, ingredients and other bits and bobs printed. There are a couple of downfalls to this box though. One is that the colour of it doesn’t always match up with the crayon inside and another is that it also has the words ‘High Gloss’ written on one side…. They’re matte pencils… definitely not glossy at all. Design error? Sneak peak of future products? I’m not sure.


The actual packaging for each crayon is very nice although they are missing the names written on the actual stick. If you had a few of them, like I now do, it’s very easy to mix them up. Especially Sunday Girl and Hanging on the Telephone which as very similar when you look at them, I actually thought MUR had sent two of the same by accident at first.

The crayon twists up, unlike some other products on the market which is a huge plus and you get a fairly decent amount in there. Once it goes blunt it might be a bit difficult to apply with precision though.



instapromoAs you can see from the image above there is a nice tonal range from deep dark reds to creamy nudes.We’ll start with the reds as they’re my favourite:

Maria | Call Me | Atomic



What can I say about Maria? She’s the perfect shade coming into a/w 14 and is the colour of a merlot. You can have one layer for a lighter red or add another (make sure you apply the second coat everywhere you added the first or you’ll get some light areas and some dark) for a vampy red lip that’s both sultry and playful at the same time.


Call Me

Call me is easily the best in terms of overall performance. It went on silkily for an all over rich red/orange colour. It was soft and smooth on the lips, not drying at all and looked the best with my skin tone. It’s a great autumnal red despite being so vibrant!



WOW. Atomic is a ridiculously bright neon orange. The only way I could see myself getting away with this is as part of an ombre lip, certainly not on its own. It’s just a tad too bright and aside from Heart of Glass, the most drying on the lips.


The Pinks
Sunday Girl | Hanging on the Telephone | Rap - Ture

WOWStick Pinks


Sunday Girl & Hanging on the Telephone

I really, really enjoy these colours. They both have teeny tiny gold shimmers in it which was very unexpected considering they’re matte crayons but they complement the deep pinky tones really well. At first glance the two shades look exactly the same and in truth, the difference is really very subtle. All I can say is that Sunday girl is slightly deeper in colour. They’re both quite bright but I’d wear either of them day to day.


Rap - Ture

Rapture is to pinks what Atomic is to orange, super, super bright in a Nicki Minaj kind of way but surprisingly, still quite wearable. I feel as though this colour would suit quite pale skinned people more as it’s white/blue based.


The 'Nudes'
Dreaming | Heart of Glass



Now these two are obviously not very suitable for someone with skin as dark as mine so don’t judge the photo’s!! Both are lovely colours but for review purposes, I’ll only talk about the product…. texture, feel etc.


A lovely soft baby pink that is quite an everyday colour. Because it’s matte it’s not quite a ‘your lips but better’ type deal because it is obvious you’re wearing something there but I’m pretty sure you could get away with this for school (if you’re allowed to wear makeup) or a casual afternoon with friends. It’s a no hassle colour that is smooth and applies evenly with no patches.


Heart of Glass

Appears as a brown/nude at first glance but is definitely a very pale one which is you’re not careful could leave you looking a little washed out or sporting concealer lips. I suggest a lip liner a few shades darker than this applied as the product is drying and not before as it’s so opaque it will just cover it up like it did in the image below. I feel that I have to mention that this performed the worst out of all of the colours. That may have been because I had applied and then removed seven others before this one and my lips just weren’t having it, I’m not sure. It wasn’t what I’d call streaky, more so that if you went back over a certain area then it would collect what product you’d already applied and sort of drag it across and move it from where you’d just applied. – I’m going to sum this one up as ‘temperamental’.

heart of glass

I wore maria all day around the house just to see how it wore and predictably the center flaked off a little after drinking which isn’t surprising, that happens with my more expensive matte products too. For the most part the colour stayed intact on the lips, even in the outside corners. There was no smudging or flaking.

In terms of the waterproof claim, sure, they don’t come off when wet unless excess force is applied to rub them but I don’t suggest licking your lips with this on because you will get a tongue coating of orange flakes! – PS – Remove with baby oil on a cotton pad. It literally dissolves, soap just shifts the product and leaves clumps.

All in all I think these are fantastic products, certainly worth the £2.99 price tag and Maria will be camping out in my handbag for those days when a day at university or study in the library turns into cocktails and cabs home at 3am!! I’ll probably be singing Maria at the top of my lungs anyway! ‘Maria, you’ve gotta see her, Go insane and out of your mind…. Oo, it makes you wanna dieeeee’!!

**If you’re in need of an extra bit of longevity then you can purchase the Bold Matte balm that usually comes with the Maybelline Super Stay lipsticks which adds a little moisture and helps with staying power.

MUR constantly come out with new colours, I’d love one shade a little darker with dark blue or a dark purple base, I don’t think you see enough blue hued products on the market!

The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of MakeUp Revolution.





11 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | I ♥ M A K E U P – W O W S T I C K S*

    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      Awh, thank you. I agree, the reds do look the nicest on me but I really like Sunday Girl too. – I wouldn’t say I could pull off anything!! Trust me, I’ve tried a few daring colours and looked like an absolute clown!


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