B E A U T Y | L ‘ O R E A L – L I Y A ‘S N U D E*

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée Review & Swatches

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée LIYA'S NUDE THUMB.jpg

I’ve been searching and searching for about three years for a lipstick to replace a L’Oreal one that I’ve had literally since the day I first bought makeup. Unfortunately, the label on the bottom of my own tube rubbed off a long time ago so I had no idea what the shade name was or what collection it belonged to, all I knew was that it was  L’Oreal lipstick…..

That was until the Colour Riche Iconic collection was released with six (?) different shades, inspired by the ‘icons’ (Eva Longoria, Doutzen Kroes etc.). Every time I went to find this shade there was always a tester but the actual lipstick was sold out!! But I found it eventually. You know those days when you forget to bring the lipstick you’re wearing out with you in your bag and you use it as an excuse to buy a new lipstick…..? It was one of those days. ‘Oh no, I forgot to bring my lipstick… I just HAVE TO buy a new one’. So unnecessary but so necessary at the same time.

There are also accompanying nail shades which I really need to take a look at seen as this is a limited edition collection.

The shade I have is called Liya’s Nude which was inspired by Ethiopian born model Liya Kebede. I personally have no idea who she is but they had to include a token black girl in the collection, didn’t they? I’m glad they did but you get what I’m saying….

A barely brown nuance that adds a charming shade to the lips for a contrast to dark skin that comes up trumps.





I also really like the tube as it snaps shut and doesn’t budge and is also quite sleek looking with the black and the gold. Then again, I liked my original lipstick tube so why not this one?


DSC_2753You may think it looks a little sheer, it isn’t. The natural pigment in my lips is actually a peach shade so Liya’s Nude is completely opaque on me but still remains a soft brown nude like it promised.

I wore the lipstick on its own a few times but felt it was a little too dark for my mood even though it is a nude. Plus it was still ridiculously hot in London until literally yesterday when I had to get my scarf and gloves out. Liya’s nude a lovely autumn shade though so now it’s a little colder I should be ‘feeling’ it a bit more.

I also mixed it with some of my spring shades (Rimmel Apoccalips – Galaxy &/or Maybelline Sensational Shine Gloss – Electric Orange) to make deeper and more autumnal versions which has had a lot of people asking me what I’m wearing.


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