B E A U T Y | T H E O N E B L U S H S T I C K*

Makeup Revolution – The One Blush Stick Review w/ Swatches



‘Awesome Chucks of Our Finest Blusher in a Stick! Introducing the One Blush Stick, 4 Bold shades and 4 Matte Shades. Use strong and vibrant, or sheer. Designed for multiple use across Cheeks and Lips, use Dry for Hi-Intensity Colour or apply Wet for a smooth sheer finish.’

Now I must say that when I first started seeing these blush sticks advertised on MUR’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter I wasn’t too excited. From some of the swatches by bloggers, none of the colours seemed to look like they’d work for darker skin. Don’t get me wrong, the colours all looked great but as with a lot of brands, there isn’t anything for ‘us’, you know?

I was kind of surprised then when the package arrived with all eight of the blushes to try.

The shades are Pink, Matte Pink, Dream, Matte Dream, Rush, Matte Rush, Malibu & Matte Malibu. They’ve already been likened to both Nars Multiples and Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks. I’ve had my eye on the CT beach stick in Ibiza which I may or may not still buy just because…. But then again each beach stick is £30, each Multiple is also £30 and these are a steal at £5.



The packaging is also really good as far as packaging goes. The blushes are in a chubby twist up tube which snaps closed which is great to throw in your bag. The matte ones, are in matte tubes and matte boxes and the sheer/dewy ones are in shiny boxes and shiny tubes. If I’m honest I’d have preferred matte packaging for all of them but I get because of the colours you need to be able to tell easily which is which. Especially on a busy Superdrug aisle with women and teenagers battering each other to get hold of them! You know how it is sometimes in Superdrug.

I found that on application Malibu felt slightly wet which is kind of nice because the product distributed well. I originally just patted the colour in with my fingers but that disturbed my foundation (I’m testing a new Fashion Fair one, review soon) so I swapped to the Real Techniques Stippling Brush which worked a dream. Matte Malibu was a bit red for me but worked well as a slight contour. None of the matte shades are dry either which was a real surprise. How do they do that?

In terms of colours…. I can actually get away with at least five of the shades. Dream, Matte Dream and Pink are a bit :s for my skin tone but are nonetheless great products. My two favourites are Malibu and Rush and I’ll be using them daily as they give a great golden glow which can be both subtle or bold depending on the combinations of the sticks that you use. I dn’t want to let the summer go! – I bought the ELF Body Shimmer in Golden Glow but that’s got weird chunks of green and red glitter in it which is rubbish. I think these blush sticks are fantastic alternatives to anything on the market currently. I hope we get a golden one and a more purple/plum one sometime in the future!

Apparently they can also be used wet, which I’m not sure I’d need to seen as they’re quite wet already but I’ll try that out soon. And of course, they can be used on the lips too. I tried Rush on the lips with a brown lip liner and it looked great. A bit bold for autumn but a wonderful burnt orange hue that could really work out if used sheer or mixed with a a gloss.

I think these are so worth the £5 and will be repurchasing as soon as they look like they’re getting low in the tube!


The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of MakeUp Revolution.

6 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | T H E O N E B L U S H S T I C K*

  1. Dawn Melissa says:

    I’m finally here (in London!) and I desperately need to update my make up collection especially where blush is concerned. I like the idea of blush sticks – hope they work out for me. Thanks for this post! Hope all is well.


    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      Thing are good. Lot’s happening with uni final year though! How are you finding London this time around? – Take yourself down to Oxford Cirus. It will forever be the best place to shop for makeup. You have every department store plus a huge Drugstore at one end which always has stock in. You have Selfridges Beauty Hall, my favourite place on earth….. you will find a blush and much more. What kinds of colours do you like? I mean, it is the blush that they just push onto anyone with brown skin but Ambering Rose is great from MAC.


  2. zazzzle says:

    Great post:) I have darker skin too and can never find a product that contours well, but now I’ll definitely check these out next time I’m in superdrug!


    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      I don’t think they’re in Superdrug stores just yet. It usually takes about a month after launch on the site. – Just a heads up if you have your eye on anything else from Revolution, there’s a deal until tomorrow if you spend £20 you get a free palette worth £7.99. I think it’s the sin palette atm.

      Liked by 1 person

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