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Makeup Revolution NEW November Products


I know what you’re thinking, and trust me, I’m thinking it too. WHY SO MANY MAKEUP REVOLUTION POSTS?!!

Well, because here’s a brand that has piqued my interest like no other. I’m not just saying it either. I have truly fallen in love with the products released so far. Recent blogger shots from today have done nothing but add to that. I’m already seeing Daniel Sandler watercolour blush dupes in corresponding shades to the original powder, baked, cream, lacquer and Blush Sticks. I’m yet to really fall in love with liquid blushes so I’m mad excited about these new lightweight ones.

As for what I can only assume are new lipsticks called #LipHug’s in the center of the picture for ‘long lasting, smooth and sculpted lips’…. ???!!! God knows what they are but the mystery of it all gets me. I can’t wait for the big reveal of all of the shades tomorrow.

UntitledIn January 2015 we’re also getting, by the looks of it, two brand new Flawless palettes. On is quite clearly mattes and the other could be absolutely anything ‘beyond flawless’. I’m beyond excited.

It can’t just be me that really gets into the hype of new products. Even when brands like Urban Decay show us the packaging for new stuff you have those die hard fans already ready to pre-order even when they have no idea what the product is. I’m that way with Revolution and the Body Shop. I just NEED everything and I’m never let down by what I get.

Which brands really get you beyond excited for new products?

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