B E A U T Y | I S P O K E T O O S O O N!*

Makeup Revolution MORE NEW Products

So yesterday I posted about three new products from Revolution and today, they went and released a whole bunch more.

As mentioned yesterday, there are 20 new shades of the #LipHug which were revealed earlier today….. Packaging looks cute and some of the colours need to just hop into my basket. £2.50 a pop!


Not only do we get 20 new shades of lipstick but FINALLY, an anti-shine balm that I can throw in my bag and use to stop the annoying shnozzle shine. Apparently it’s a good primer too. It’s innovative, I like it. £5.00

We’ve got a fantastic new blush/bronze/highlight palette with beautiful baked products in golden honey and brown sugar tones for sculpting and contouring. £6.00

A brand new Iconic palette: Iconic Dreams. 12 gorgeous shadows, both matte and shimmer, in extravagant greens, bronze and gold shades, all for £4.

On top of all of that there are four new Aqua Brow gels (£3.00), Viper Mascara (£3.00), Cleansing Water with Vitamins A, B & C (£5.00), as well as 45, yes 45 (!!!!) new I ♥ Makeup nail shades (£1.99).

Excuse the schoolgirl phrase, but I’m literally dying.

I’m so spoilt for choice just now.


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