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NEW Series - In the News

During the brief death of my laptop I got heavily into listening to the radio which I used to do every morning but was overtaken by YouTube videos. Vanessa Feltz has a fantastic show on BBC London 94.9 (9am-12pm) where she has great discussions with members of the public based around the news headlines of the day. Now, you can text, email, Facebook or call to give your opinion and I’d really love to call in as I’m finding that I have a whole lot to say when I listen. However, I’m a scardey cat and will probably get dry mouth live on air so I’m going to start a new ‘In the News’ series here so I can give my two cents.

I write this or course as I sit here listening to a lively bit of chat about how ethnic minorities do better in school because their parents encourage them more than white working class parents do and as a result it has pushed London GCSE grades up to high levels, by far outstripping those in any other region of the country. Now, I have a lot to say about that, but I’ll save it for another post!

I really hope that you guys will join in too as all opinions are welcome and help others learn.


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