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Makeup Revolution Must Have Eye Products


I’ve got four new products to define and perfect your eyes!

Some of us obsess over perfect eyebrows and some of us obsess over perfectly even winged liner. Some of us obsess over both! Whichever it is, we’ve all had that battle to find the perfect products to do it with that are good quality, long lasting and we’ll priced. From a dip brow pomade to a Rimmel eye pencil we all have certain things that we prefer.

Now I’m not one for much brow grooming to be honest, I trim them and pluck them and add a bit of pencil do define the arch and just sweep my mascara wand through them when I’m done with my eyes. That’s usually about it. However, after getting a little tweezer happy the other day I’m in need of something to add a little of volume back.

Ultra Brow Arch & Shape
bloglinemakeup revolution arch and shape dark

That’s where the Ultra Brow Arch & Shape comes in. It’s a handy double ended tool with a slightly waxy crayon on one end and a thin nibbed felt tip on the other. I have two of the four shades, Dark and Darkest. If you’ve got black or dark brown hair then both work well in terms of colour. If you’re after a natural brow, then Dark is perfect. If you want something much stronger and a little dramatic then Darkest is your best bet.




I find that that both sides are great for mimicking hair and the waxy end twists up so there’s no need to sharpen. The wax side also helps me get some colour into sparse areas while the felt side is great for definition on the underside of the brow. It’s much more natural than using concealer to tidy up too.

Amazing Inner Eye Brightener

makeup revolution inner eye brightenerSo you’ve got your brows popping, how about your waterline? Nothing makes the eyes look more awake than a bright undereye and a bright waterline that isn’t red and irritated. Step on up Amazing Inner Eye Brightener, a nude pencil with really good staying power. The twist up packaging itself is also self sharpening to give you the perfect point. Unlike some other eye brighteners, this one is ultra slim which means you can do the entire waterline without getting product all over the lower lashes. I don’t know about you, but that always happens to me and it’s really unforgiving.

Line & Flick

The Line & Flick is the next must have. If you need a kohl pencil that stays in the waterline, brow or lid, then look here. It’s not as black as the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on but it performs much better. Whilst the UD stays put all day, it irritates my waterline. The kohl here stays put, glides on and you can barely feel it. You get good pigmentation too. The flick end, a felt liner is really good for a thin cat eyed wing. You get precision in the inner corner and the ability to get teeny ting wings that still pack a punch. I haven’t messed up my eyeliner once with this.

Double Flick

makeup revolution awesome double flick liquid eyelinerBy far my favourite out of the must have products is the Double Flick, a double liquid eyeliner. One end is thin much like the Line & Flick and the other is chubby. I swear, in three sweeps of the hand you’ve finished your eyeliner. I think it’s fantastic. I had Julie at the checkout in ASDA ask me how I got my eyeliner so thick but so uniform and even and I happily told her all about Double Flick. It’s so fatastic. I couldn’t be happier with it.

makeuprevolution double flick laurenlondon



makeup revolution must have eye products

Then one thing I will say for all of  these products is to make sure you twist down before you put the caps back on. Especially with some of the double ended ones. The two caps aren’t the same size and I’ve put the short one on the long side too many times already! You don’t want to damage your products so just a heads up.

Overall I’m really impressed with the four little babes. They’re all I’ve been using since I got them and I’m so beyond satisfied! All of the products are £3.50 except the brightener which is £2.50 so…. BARGAIN!!!!

I’m giving away all my secrets here. You’re welcome.


The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of MakeUp Revolution.




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