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KIKO MILANO Lip Pencil Review w/Swatches



Popped into Kiko on Regent’s Street and got a few lip liners for no other reason than I had money to spend. You know when you go into a shop and you just want to buy something no matter how small? Well, I got these three liners for a little under £7 and more or less skipped out of the shop with my teeny tiny purchase.

I got one Precision Lip Liner in No. 302 Natural Pink and two Smart Lip Pencil’s, No.704 Brick Red and No.710 Rouge Noir. The Precsion Liners are originally £4.20 but are £2.90 in store and online at the moment. The Smart Pencils are usually £2.50 but are down to £1.90. Either way, they’re a bargain because the long and the short is that both are fantastic quality.

kiko lip liner swatches

The smart pencils are advertised as being ‘creamy’. Rouge Noir is definitely creamy and Brick Red is slightly matte but not at all drying. The precision liners are supposed to be just that, precise. Like any pencil liner it’s only precise when it’s sharp but this is my favourite colour. It’s the exact colour of the Elf Matte Lip Cream in Praline which I wear every other day as it’s so natural. Lining the lips with Natural pink, colouring them in and then layering the Elf cream over the top means the product lasts for so much longer. It’s the perfect combo.

Rouge Noir is much more of a plum purple than a red/black but I’m not complaining as the colour is very autumnal and perfect with purple and pink lipsticks. Especially if you’re of a darker complexion and pale colours don’t work for you on their own.

Brick Red is the perfect name for the colour and is sort of like a dark terracotta which I’ve found looks awesome with peachy makeup (eyeshadow and blush). I really enjoy it for those ‘fresh faced’ days.

I know I look a litle bit cray but I really didn’t fancy putting on one lip liner, taking it off, putting on another etc etc. So here are the swatches all together so you can see the tones and colours. I actually quite like seeing it this way so you can see the differences between one shade and another. ↓↓

kiko lip liner lip swatch

The formula for both liners work really well and the variety of shades offered is more than enough to find one that suits any lip look you;re trying to achieve. There are 16 shades of smart pencil and 16 precision liners. – I’ll  be going back to Kiko very soon (probably Thursday coming after uni ;))  to check out the rest of the products. I’ve got a few Kiko bits and have been impressed with the quality of shadows and liners. I’m hoping to find a new lipstick and a couple of blushes to add to my collection.


What are your favourite Kiko bits and what would you recommend I buy when I go in later in the week? I’m sitting here poised with pen and paper to make a shopping list of your recomendations

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