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November 2014 Empties


I’ve never done an empties video  post (ha, look, she thinks she’s a YouTuber) before because I always throw out the containers or just don’t use up enough stuff. That probably just means I have too much stuff and never really focus on one product but those are first world problems so we’ll try not to draw attention to those! This month I’ve managed to finish up four foundations, two mascaras that were probably done months ago but I just kept going…. you know how we do…. and three Body Shop face products.



1 | MAC Matchmaster – 7.5

Tried and tested, the only foundation that I can apply, by itself, no concealer and have it match my skin perfectly during the summer when my skin is darker. Anything else looks stupid on me in the summer months. Matchmaster isn’t matte, nor is it dewy, to me it just looks like glowing skin. This foundation is light, but full coverage and really does adapt to your skintones. It smells like paint, but I can get over that.

2 | Revlon Colorstay – Combination/Oily Skin £12.49

First things first this is my new favourite foundation but only during the winter when a) my skin is much paler and b) when it’s acceptable to walk around with a true full face of makeup. Full face in summer is not only uncomfortable for me but looks a bit silly. – The foundation is really thick, really full coverage and for that I love it. It is annoying not having a pump but if having a pump means Revlon adding another £3 to the price then I’ll just stick to giving it a good shake, scooping it out with a cotton bud and then storing it upside down.

3 | L’Oreal True Match – W8 Golden Cappucino – £9.99

This foundation is a bit too red for me and the consistency is rather thin so I find I use too much product trying to cover darker areas. As far as coverage, if I didn’t have so much hyperpigmentataion on the cheeks left over from acne scars and me generally giving my skin a hard time with abrasive scrubs then this just might be my favourite but, alas. I do like to mix this with foundations that I find a little too cool toned though as it balances the shades out.

4 | Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream – £11

This product was a bit of a flop. I didn’t notice any changes in the short or the long term. It basically just became my, ‘oh my face could do with some cream, this came to hand’ product. Despite it being a mattifying cream, it didn’t mattify my face, nor did it add anything overly hydrating. Nothing special…. has a tendency to smell a bit fishy.

5 | Rimmel Scandal Eyes – Extreme Black – £6.99

This was my favourite mascara for a long time as it gives the lashes a real boost volume wise. My only issue is that the wand is quite chubby in an annoying way. I’m not sure what it is about it since I have some mascaras with bigger wands than this, but this one was a bit awkward to use. Good formula though.

6 | AJ Crimson Dual Skin – #5 – £20/$35

If this foundation were easier to get a hold of I’d have snapped it up but as it stands you can only get it from LaBelle UK or AJ Crimson’s website. When I bought this it was at Makeup Show Live. I met AJ, he gave a great speech and demo and then colour matched me to shade #5, with shade #4 for highlighting. I liked the packaging and I love the colour of the product even if it did transfer even more than the Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse I had been using before that. Recently, in true pro style, AJ has started selling his foundation in pan form that you need a magnetised palette for…. I’m not a makeup pro and don’t have any clients where something like this would be practical. I wish he still sold the foundation in the original packaging. If he did, I’d repurchase straight away.

7 | Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet – £12

I bought this in late July/ early August and have only just run out which is awesome, I’ve also noticed a significant difference in the hydration of my skin after continued use. The cream is very cool in temperature so great if you need a wake me up or annoying if it’s warm and toasty in your room and you use a cold cream on your face before stepping out into icy winds. For that reason, and that I’m back to using my Garnier cream for the winter, I wont repurchase until June/July 2015. I am going to keep the jar for something else though because the frosted glass is quite pretty.

Find the full review here.

8 | Miss Sporty Pump  Up Lash Booster – Black – £3.99

I always go to this mascara if any of my others are being temperamental. Considering the price it’s hands down my favourite all around mascara. I have my favourite for volumising and lengthening and lower lashes and whatnot but if you just need something to throw in a small makeup bag for a night away or something then this is your best bet.

9 | Nutriganics Softening Cleansing Gel – £10

Again, kind of a blah product. It removes makeup, but not a full face which means you have to use more product to get that beat face melting. I can’t tell what it smells of, tea tree maybe? But it’s peculiar. Considering the Body Shop sells nicer products for a similar price that work better by using less product, this is something I’ll pass by next time I’m in store.

What were your empties for the month? Link me to the reviews or post your comments below.

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