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Makeup Revolution All About Pink Blush Palette Review w/Swatches


"Following on from the success of Sugar and Spice, Hot Spice and the recently launched Golden Sugar, now we have three more palettes to add to the range. - Celebrate the amazing PINK blusher with this amazing palette.There's a mixture of Matte, shimmer and baked merged powders. It comes in a professional palette with a large full sized mirror."

I was contacted by the lovely Jackie at Makeup Revolution HQ earlier in the week about getting my hands on the brand new All About Pink blush palette and jumped on the chance to be able to test this baby out before it launches tomorrow. I’ve only recently become a blush convert and am loving trying out lots of different colours and tones to find the right ones for me. It’s fun experimenting and palette’s like this makes it so easy to do that at an affordable price.

So without further ado, here she is…. and she’s all about PINK!!


You might be thinking that this looks an awful lot like the Sugar and Spice palette that came out a few months back,  but the pinks here are completely different. While the top row is slightly cooler toned, the bottom shades are quite warm. Sugar and Spice is a lot darker I think when you look at it plus it has some merged highlighters as opposed to these which are just the one colour. – I’m especially enjoying the blush on the bottom left.




The packaging as usual is sleek and black. It’s thin enough to transport easily and stack if you have more than one plus it’s sturdy enough so that the powders don’t get damaged. You may have noticed from my Golden Sugar review that I really love the layout of the palette as it looks very professional. Very MAC/ Anastasia Beverly Hills. – The only problem I have is that the black loves finger prints and the gold embossing comes off quite easily. I keep all of my MUR palettes in their original boxes because they’re pretty in themselves but just by taking the palettes out of the box, the name wears away. I’m not sure how MUR would get around that (maybe etch the name in??) but it’s the product inside that matters anyway. It’d just be nice to know what that product was after the name rubs off!



The first two shades on the top row reminded me of Matte Dream and Matte Pink, the two cream stick blushes from Revolution which are £5 each. I quite like the second one here as it’s vibrant and really makes an impression.

The two hightlighters are very nicely pigmented and give off a frosty sheen/glow which is kind of perfect for the colder winter months and the Christmas/ New Year party season. I could get away with both of these under those circumstances and day-to-day in small doses but as they’re so cool toned, excessive use on me would look really rather odd. As Nitra B would say, these highlighters are perfectly suited to the caucasian babies. 🙂

Blush, top row:


Blush, bottom row:


I’m going to get the most use out of these three. – The second blush has some fine gold shimmer in it. To me it’s like a darker version of Sleek Rose Gold.



What I need now are some palettes with some colours that are a bit ‘out there’ similar to something like the Sleek Blush By 3 but in this eight pan format. Do you know what I mean? Like, extend the range even more with an ‘All About Red’ or an ‘All About Purple’ so that more skin tones can use them. As it sands, I think my skin is about as dark as you can go with these pinks before you start looking ashy. Reds and purples would be great for girls even darker than myself. Revolution, cater to us with darker foundation shades etc. etc. but some powder blushes would be fantastic too.

So, I wore the bottom left blush all day today and the brighter pink for half of the day on Wednesday after the palette arrived and both were extremely long lasting. I wore the Sleek CC cream on Wednesday and the Revlon Colourstay on Thursday and both foundations provided a great base to put the product on top of. The blush was more vibrant paired with the Colourstay, a thicker and more mattifying foundation, it faded just a tad with the CC Cream.

The other two palettes launching tomorrow are All About Bronze, a selection of bronze hued blush, bronzer and highlighters and a gorgeous cream palette, All About Cream which will be in my shopping basket with some more of the lip hugs as as soon as they launch! Check out the links here and here for swatches.

I just have to say a big thank you to Jackie who, from our few messages, I can tell is absolutely lovely and knows my makeup style perfectly. :).

This palette as well as the two others, All About Cream and All About Bronze cost £6 and can be bought from www.makeuprevolutionstore.com from Friday 5th December 2014. Just in time for Christmas!
The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of MakeUp Revolution.

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