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A Trip to Winter Wonderland and Bavarian Village, London, Hyde Park - Samsung Nx1100


Last Friday I was unwillingly dragged to Winter Wonderland, something I was adamant I would not enjoy seen as I’m a big scrooge and I hate the cold. Alas, I got up, got ready and got myself down to Marble Arch tube to meet my friend Tasha. I figured if anything, it was an excuse to try out my camera seen as all it’s had the chance to do is take pictures of lipstick since I bought it.

First port of call was to buy some gloves though so we had a mooch over to Primark. – It was a bit pointless on my part though seen as I discovered about three seconds after taking the tags off that I couldn’t work the camera with ‘100% leather’ gloves on so my fingers were cold anyway. 



We slowly made our way across Hyde Park and into Winter Wonderland where I was assaulted by bright lights and the smell of sausages! It was quite a sight to see. It was Christmassy but not so Christmassy that I wanted to run. The first few stalls had snacks and amusements for really young children. There was a moment where we stopped to get a few good snaps of each other next to the kids train track thing but got some really funny looks from a few parents seen as we appeared to just be people taking pictures when a train full of children went by…..

natasha Taiwo-Edomi




There were lots of trinkety type bits that did just look like any other fair I’d been to. But in all fairness, I did gravitate more towards those since I wasn’t really interested in teeny tiny Santa statues or reindeer ear hats.





Then, the highlight of the evening. The Bavarian Village. While there’s a strong German presence at Winter Wonderland, the Bavarian Village, set in a huge tent with around 14 bars and a humungous food preparation station, as soon as you walk in, the good times roll. Everyone seems to be having fun and there’s lots of cheeriness and frivolity. If you’re a fan of cheesy Euro pop then it’s the place for you. They took the British classics, camped them up, combined it with trashy dance beats and added beer drinking intervals every fifteen minutes. If you have a drink in your hand its mandatory to slog a fair bit down.

Speaking of drinks, there was only a small selection on offer. You could basically get beer, beer, beer, cider, hot cider, mulled wine of a gigantic pitcher of beer for £10. Food (for meat eaters) looked fantastic. Bratwurst galore inside and outside of bavarian village. However, if you are a veggie, vegan or pescetarian, be prepared to only have chips on offer. You do however get a choice of skinny or chunky chips so that’s progress at least!


SAM_4108As I said before, everyone appeared to be having a great time. Aside from a couple here or there taking selfies and whatnot, I rarely saw anyone with their phone in their hand. It was just good old fashioned conversation and sing along. Here are a couple of my favourite pictures caught just at the right moment! My favourite is the lady with the Toblerone. – What I loved about the Bavarian Village was it was basically clubbing but at 5pm in the evening. You could have a whole load of fun without ever needing to buy any high heels or fancy dresses. You can just go and have a good time.





To be honest, I’m not a very good photographer but practice makes perfect and hopefully I’ll get a hang of all of the different fiddly bits and bobs pretty soon. – Aside from that though, I had a great time at Winter Wonderland and finished it off with a trip to McDonald’s to warm up my insides and another quick trip to Superdrug ya’know, because makeups :).

Have any of you guys been or plan to go? I might go again just for the fresh donuts and Churros.!

Winter Wonderland is open every day until January 4th, except for Christmas day. Along with the things I've talked about, there's also a circus and skate rink for family fun times, plus loads of rides, the big wheel and the Magical Ice Kingdom. View the site and plan your visit here.

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