B E A U T Y | Z O E V A B R U S H S E T – T H I S VS T H A T*

Zoeva Brush Set - This vs That??

So, I have it on good authority that a Zoeva brush set is heading my way this Christmas and I’m beyond happy, grateful, excited…. all that good stuff! The ‘boyf’ was beyond surprised this year when I said that I didn’t want makeup for Christmas….. I think he was even more surprised when I said I’d like makeup brushes! I’m pretty sure to him that’s the exact same thing though. Hahahaha. Either way, he’s a diamond and between the amount of salt popcorn on cinema dates (which he hates), Chinese takeaways (which he loves) and makeup (he particularly dislikes my love of big glossy lips), he spoils me something rotten. I’m a simple girl really and could totally live without people buying me things but I do get a warm fuzzy feeling so it can’t be wrong every now and then. :):):)

Anyway…… Rambling about bubba over (for now).

The sets I’m looking at are:

Vegan Prime Set 75.00 EUR

Rose Golden Set 65.00 EUR

I was just wondering, do any of you guys have any recommendations on which brush sets are good all round? And should I go for the much loved rose gold before it sells out again or get something like the Vegan Luxe?Β I also plan on getting a few single brushes since delivery is Β£7.50. I was looking at the Face Paint Brush (apt name considering the use). Which other single brushes are a must have?


7 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | Z O E V A B R U S H S E T – T H I S VS T H A T*

    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      I’ve got the Vegan Prime on the way. I’m a bit OCD with sets so the black and silver is good because it’ll go with thw other brushes I ordered as well as any othera I pick up singly. Although I do kinda want the Rose Gold eye set. I have the perfect container for my dresser to put them in. 😍😍


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