B E A U T Y | E C O T O O L S S K I N P E R F E C T I N G B R U S H*

Eco Tools Skin Perfecting Brush Review



Features benefits of an angled edge to easily apply to hard-to-reach areas on the face (corners of the eyes & nose).
Packaged in reusable pouch, which is made of natural materials and EVA.
Cut of brush specially designed for use with BB/CC cream consistency for smooth application, no need to use fingers to apply so less oil is transferred from hands to face.

I picked this up on a whim when I was in Boots on Oxford Street. I was actually in there getting the Real Techniques sponge which a review will be up on soon. What drew me to this was that the shape reminded me of the Wayne Goss Foundation Brush 01. (Also the Zoeva 103). As with everything, you ahve to start out with whatever you can afford and right now Wayne Goss is not in my budget. In terms of shape, the actually bristles look as thought they’re cut in much the same way, the only difference being that the Eco Tools brush is smaller. Plus, the Eco tools brush is £7.99 and the Goss brush is $45.

So, it says on the little sleeve that the brush is for BB/CC/DD/EE (← Only Estee Lauder would take it that far) creams. I’ve only used it for CC cream once and that was with the Sleek one. It worked ok I guess, but there are better brushes for CC creams.

What I do like this brush for is a thicker foundation like the Revlon Colour Stay. It’s also awesome with mousse, especially the Fashion Fair Souffle. It buffs so well because the bristles are densely packed, doesn’t suck up product and the angled head really does help with the awkward areas around the nose and eyes. Also, it doesn’t micro exfoliate so on dry skin days you’re good to go. The bristles are dense but still allow some movement which is what helps with this and buffing. It’s almost like duo fiber but… not? Having said that, I wouldn’t attempt to stipple with this as it does feel a bit prickly. Not when buffing, only when dib-dabbing. The only really bad thing I have to say about this brush is that it stains easily but then it is a white/cream bristled brush.

All in all, I think Eco Tools have tried to jump in on the whole BB/CC cream thing without being able to actually make and sell a BB/CC cream themselves. If they had just marketed it as a foundation brush or even a cream blush brush which I’ve also tried with it, the brush would have been much more popular.



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