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Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights Review - Breathe & Glow*


RADIANTLIGHTSTHUMB.pngRadiance & light in a compact. Swoon at our new breathtaking NEW Radiant Lights Illuminating Baked Powders. Subtle shades to breathe illumination and light in to the complexion. Baked to perfection our Radiant Lights will bring instant illumination to your skin or specific highlighting. Enclosed in a handbag friendly mirror compact and available in three stunning shades. Breathe, Exhale and Glow.

It’s all about that Nikkie Tutorials ‘glow from within’ today!

Uggghhhh. You know when you get some new makeup and it’s just so beautiful it hurts? Well, say hello  to radiant lights. Revolution are making a big name for themselves by making really awesome quality makeup dupes and these new skin powders/highlighters are supposed to be Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder dupes. I don’t own any Hourglass so I can’t do a direct comparison but I’m just putting it out there that the two products are comparable, just miles apart in terms of price.

makeuprevolution radiant lights

Here I have two of the three shades, Breathe and Glow. Glow is much more golden and Breathe is a pearl shade. The other shade is called Exhale, which would suit pale skinned girls and boys. Not so much for darker skintones unless you fancy extreme glow or looking like a glitter ball. (???)

Anyway… They come in cute little compacts, quite similar to their Anti-Shine Balm. I absolutely love these compacts for throwing in my handbag. The mirrors are perfectly sized and so crystal clear.  They don’t warp the dimentions of your face or the colour like some mirror in more affordable products. Big thumb up for packaging. – I forgot to take a picture and the boxes are now gone but each one comes in a copper/rose gold box which is really cute.


This is Glow, the more golden of the two and my favourite. The powder itself is soft to the touch and very finely milled. I use a fan brush with it and even something so small and delicate does disturb the product so you do get a bit of dust kicked up if you’re too rough with it. You do get an aful lot of product though, so much so that if it’s for personal use and not professional, I can’t imagine ever running out. However you really don’t need to be. Just a slight touch with the brush and you have enough for both sides of the face.

radiant lights swatches makeuprevolution

What I really love about the formula of this is that it doesn’t look like a powder on the skin. It’s so fine that you get the colour pay off but no matter how close you look, there’s no visible powder residue on the skin. I knew I’d like this product as soon as it launched last week but I didn’t know just how much!

I think that if you like to highlight with powder or a dewy finish then this is definitely something you should check out. At £5, you really can’t go wrong. There are some on the high street that cost double that or more and are nowhere near as good. Get yours here.

Makeup Revolution do send me stuff for consideration occasionally but this purchase was made with my own money as part of a haul that I need to post up sometime in the next couple of days. :) - What are you thinking of these new powders?




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