H A U L| N E W P R O D U C T S*

NEW Makeup Revolution Products - HAUL


Recently on www.makeuprevolutionstore.com there was a deal on. Spend £25 and get two free I ♥ makeup WOW glosses and the You’re Gorgeous palette. In the case of the You’re Gorgeous palette, I’ve wanted it for ages. I even had it in my basket twice in Superdrug Marble Arch. The reason I didn’t buy it? OCD. I can’t deal with the different sized pans. Does that sound stupid? The fact that the mattes come in larger pans and face a different direction gives me goosebumps. I know, I know, weird.

Into the haul anyway, I only spent £26 plus the shipping so that brought it to just under £30. I think that’s awesome considering I now have eight blushes, two lipgloss’, forty-four eyeshadows, two highlighters and two lipsticks….. Go to MAC for those things and you;re probably spend £1000.

First up, All About Cream. £6.00


I have two of the other palette’s from this little collection, Golden Sugar and All About Pink. (Click for reviews) but this new addition is full of eight super blendable, super pigmented cream blushes. I’ve only had chance to use two so far but I’m a big fan.

 Radiant Lights. £5.00


I couldn’t wait to review these so I’ve already done that. If you didn’t see it in your reader then it’s here for you to look at. All I can say is that they’re awesome. If you want that Nikkie Tutorials glow then…….

Velour Lip Creams. £3.00


These are really soft lip creams that can be built up from sheer to full coverage. They make even my lips look pouty and plump. Like little cushions. I wish I had got the dark red vino type colour.

Essential Mattes 2. £4.00



I’ve been in need of a few mattes and the first palette didn’t really appeal to me. However, this one really did. You have a good general selection of colours, I’d have liked one more medium/caramel brown in place of one of the lighter shades at the beginning but still, it’s a cracking little palette for no makeup makeup days.

You're Gorgeous. £5.99



This palette is awesome and I’m itching to get the review and swatches up. Is that overkill with the Revolution posts? Maybe, but I love it. The silks especially in this palette are amazing/ Like no joke, hey’re legit amazeballs. The mattes are similar in tone to the Romantic Smoked palette but that’s ok, I have a lot of similar shades as it is.

Wow Gloss £1.99


I was surprised by the pigmentation in these glosses, they show up exactly how they are in the package with a nifty butt pocket friendly design.  The nudes shade, ‘I woke up like this’ is perfect for lazy days but with a kind of Vicoria’s Secret plump lip to it.

Reviews - *I'll update as and when*
Radiant Lights
You're Gorgeous
Wow Gloss
All About Cream
Velour Lip Cream's
Essential Mattes 2

6 thoughts on “H A U L| N E W P R O D U C T S*

  1. M F says:

    I tried to calm down my product junkism by buying the Vivid Bronzer – big mistake! Now I’m on the hunt for more … everything looks and sounds so good and those velour lip creams sound good and the wow glosses look fantastic. Thanks for fuelling the fire! 😉


    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      I’ve got a review on the lip creams coming up soon. I’ll tell you now that they smell good enough to eat and are perfect f you want colour without the BAM in your face-ness that red and pinks and purples can sometimes have.


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