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MAC Retro Matte Ruby Woo Review w/ Swatches

ruby woo thumb

So, I’m not a Christmas person but MAC Ruby Woo will be making an appearance this year. Apart from making the Christmas dinner, this will be the only festive thing I do hahaha. A slick of red lipstick is Christmassy, right? I’m going to keep telling myself it is.

I’ve had this lipstick before, my one and only MAC bullet but I lost it a couple of years ago :(. Those were the days when I never carried a handbag and just stuffed everything in my jeans pockets. No wonder it went walk about. Times have changed.





Speaking of the bullet, I don’t like it. I never have liked them, but i’s so iconic now that I know it’ll almost certainly never change. They are nice to collect though and I have my eye on some other shades for next time I’m in MAC. I’ll probably Back to Mac and get something since I’ve got a fair few empties lying around or thing that are very nearly used up.

The classic bullet smell is really nice and vanilla-y. I do just get the lipstick out to give it a sniff. That’s not weird is it? Please tell me you do it too….. Don’t leave me hanging here ladies.

Price wise, I’m not offended at all…. £15.50 is a decent price for a fantastic quality lipstick. I do (occasionally) buy a really high end lipstick but only after a lot of research and deliberation. Ruby Woo was an easy repurchase.

The formula of Ruby Woo is Retro Matte which is like your classic pin up style finish. It’s also made with clay which is why some people say it is uber drying. I do find it a tad drying but not uncomfortably so. I’d say to just make sure your lips were smooth and buffed before you apply it because it looks terrible with dry lips, even more so than any other matte lip product.




The colour is definitely blue based but is somehow cool and warm at the same time. I guess that what makes it so universal. I’ve never seen Ruby Woo look bad on anyone. That includes me (do you think?).

Wearing Ruby Woo gives you a kind of bounce in your walk even just to run some errands. It’s a feel good lipstick in a feel even better shade. If you’re a fan of reds, or even if you’re not, go get you some.


Last two photos taken in artificial light.... sorry. :s  - 
Oh and the highlighter that's giving me such firece glow is Makeup 
Revolution Radiant Light in the shade Glow. Check out my review here.




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