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2014 Beauty Favourites

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I’m not one for the whole ‘new year, new me’ thing but knowing me, I will be a ‘new year, new makeup’ type. So on that note, I’d better pay a bit of homage to my most loved products this year. Here are the things I’ve not been able to stop reaching for.

Fashion Fair Cream to Powderblogline

This is one I dug out of the foundation graveyard a while ago after I just could not find a foundation I liked for the winter. I think the only reason I stopped using this was because I didn’t have any brushes when I first bought it, only cheap disposable sponges. Now I’ve discovered flat top kabuki’s and have a couple of really good ones, I’m loving this product again and have hit pan. Whoop whoop!

Kiko Precision Lip Linerblogline

This is my nude. On a lighter skin, all over the lip, it’d be a ‘Kylie Jenner’ but on me it suits the peachy pigment in my natural liptone. It’s awesome. Although for some reason, if you wear it alone with a clear gloss it transfers like mad. If you just wear it matte you don’t have that problem. Odd.

Red Cherry Lashes #600blogline

These are gorgeous. I have very short natural lashes that are thick and curly. These #600’s have short thick ‘hairs’ with longer and more dramatic clumps (that doesn’t sound pretty) in between. You can tell they’re not my real  lashes but they blend in more than a wispy pair would and make any eye makeup a bit more va-va-voom!

Zoeva 226 Smudger Brushblogline

A new (like, in the past week) favourite. How I’ve been living without something like this I’ll never know. I can now honestly get away with one colour on the lid and a nice smoky colour smudged out under the lower lashes. Easy peasy effortless eye makeup. A new love and it’s vegan and cruelty free. Win.

Moschino Cheap & Chicblogline

I hate the name but the scent is lush. It’s definitely a strong one but not in an old lady type way. It’s more of a feminine version of a masculine scent. It makes you just want to sit and sniff yourself all day. You know like when a guy puts on Lynx (Ace) and no matter how much you try, the pheromones start going and you’re all ‘OOOOOOO, he smells gooooood’. That’s what this perfume smells like. But… for ladies.

MAC Retro Matte Ruby Wooblogline

Another recent love. I’ve worn this a thousand times since purchasing it a month ago. I even wore it on Christmas day! The staying power is like no other traditional lipstick I own. I’ll be repurchasing as soon as it looks like I’m running low which wont be very far in the future. I’d give me three months.

Makeup Revolution Radiant Light Breatheblogline

I thought my favourite would be the third triplet, Glow a more golden powder, but my new love is actually Breathe, a white gold. Supposedly a dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders, I bought the two to use as highlighters. With Breathe though, you can use this baby all over the face. I go absolutely mad with a fan brush every day and I just look more awake and radiant. I couldn’t recommend this any more.

Makeup Revolution I Makeup You’re Gorgeous Paletteblogline

The silkiness of the shadows here are what have it as a winner this year. The powders themselves feel luxurious despite the £5.99 price tag. The colours themselves are daytime neutrals but with a little something extra in the velvet smooth finish. This is the best palette for travel in my opinion. Plus the mirror makes me happy every time I use it. No idea why!

Makeup Revolution Double Flickblogline

This double ended felt eyeliner makes doing a thin or thick wing easy as pie. There’s no hanging about, no need to hold the skin of your eye out to get the line straight and no tugging at all. This stuff just glides on in the most opaque black you’ve ever seen and stays put all day.

Sleek Face Form Mediumblogline

No one could find fault in this palette. I dare you. Contour with a grey undertone that perfectly mimics shadow? Check. Highlight that lifts the high points of the face and reflects light? Check. Bronzer that has just the right mix of gold, bronze and copper so in the winter you look like you’ve just been on holiday to Grenada for three weeks and in the summer you look like a goddess? Check. Great, now go buy yours.

No.7 Lash Impact Mascarablogline

I got a mini of this in a free set when I bought a foundation and a nail polish from No.7. It is fantastic. If you’ve been struggling with short lashes that only build volume when you add mascara then this is for you. This gives you defined and separated lashes, even more so than the Rimmel with Argan Oil that I reviewed a few months ago. Probably my favourite favourite of the year!

These are in no particular order and I could easily have thrown a few more eye shadow palettes into the mix but I’ll leave it that seen as these are my absolute favourite favourites!


What were your 2014 favourites? Link your posts in the comments so I can have a good read 🙂



5 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | F A V O U R I T E S 2 0 1 4*

    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      I get most of it direct from the website and delivered to me but also buy a lot from the Marble Arch store which is the most convenient one for me to get to. It is often out of stock though seen as it’s such a busy part of London so I’d recommend the website which has the full range or Superdrug.com which carries many of the products with free shipping when you spend £10. x


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