B E A U T Y | R I O R I O*

Sleek Rio Rio i-Divine Review w/ Swatches


This exclusive i-Divine Palette is inspired by the explosion of vibrant exotic colours seen at the Rio Carnival, with bursts of golden yellow, intense fuchsia and metallic green hues.
Each shade is highly pigmented, reflecting the exciting carnival celebrations and everything that is Brazilian! Create shimmering eyes with super-charged shades that pop.
This palette of vibrant colours suits all skin tones and the exclusive packaging captures the flamboyant, exotic carnival costumes.

This is completely not Christmassy but it definitely is a long time coming. I’ve had the Sleek Rio Rio palette more or less since it was released earlier this year and I love it. So, review time… swatch fest…. life!

The packaging on this is awesome. Soetimes the Sleek limited edition packaging is a bit meh, and I don’t keep it. But this….. YES!




Standard Sleek 12 pan palette. You can’t really go wrong with the layout. Th circular pans are cute.






Tropics | Night Fever | Ipanema | Caipirinha | Urca | Leblon
Cachaca | City of God | Copacabana | Sao Conrado | Bossa nova | Leme

I had no trouble swatching any of the shadows on my arm and have no trouble on the eyes either. I’ve had this palette for over half a year now and each shadow follows in the footsteps of all other Sleek shadows in that they are smooth and easily blendable

sleek riorio swatches1

sleek rio rio swatches2

I love ll of the colours in this palette since I’m a big fan of bright shades. My most used have been Night Fever, Tropics and Leblon. I really dislike Bossa Nova since I really don’t like metallic pinks or purply type shades.  I get a fair bit of use out of City of God but hate using it since it’s such a great colour and don’t want to waste a limited edition product.

All in all, a fantastic limited edition palette. If you can still find it anywhere I’d snap it up. At £7.99 it’s a glorious bargain!



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