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Me Now Long Lasting ‘Lipgloss’ Review/ Swatches


I’m a big fan of matte lips because they’re so low maintenance so was really excited when these arrived for me last week. I forgot to take a picture of the packaging but the five I bought from one retailer came in a polystyrene box and then wrapped up in bubble wrap which is such a difference to the usual jiffy bag deal. Of course, it was completely unnecessary but nice all the same.

I got no.2 from here and the other five from here since I couldn’t find any one stockist that sold all 30 odd shades. You can just search Me Now lip gloss and you’ll get 1000 different stockists.

The packaging itself it like a test tube type deal with he round bottom which is you know, ok…. I’d have preferred it to be a flat top and a flat bottom but at least now they look different from other matte lip gloss products I have.

The shades I went for were 02, 08, 22, 28, 32 & 33. There are plenty of nudes but none that really suit darker skin.


menow swatches

02 – For some reason refused to dry for the swatch but not for application on the lips. If you can just see on the bottom left edge, it’s slightlydarker, that’s the colour it dries to.
08 – A blue based fuscia pink. Now this is the type of hot pink I like to wear. It’s bright but not neon which a few brands just don’t seem to be able to get right. 08 is a beautiful everyday pink if you like yours a little bit darker.
22 – One of my two favourite colours, a cranpurple. This one dries the fastest and the most even/opaque.
28 – This is like a fire engine red that’s very classic. Works with a variety of looks and is for some reason the one I want to grab the most.
32 – This is a very brown based red where the last one had orange undertones. It’s very autumnal and on the burgundy side but still noticeably a red.
33 – My absolute favourite even if it wont be the one I wear the most. I think women with really deep skin tones or really pale porcelain skin would look best with this one. I’m a big big fan.

menow lip swatch

In terms of application, all the product you need is what comes out on the doe foot once you pull it out of the tube. You don’t need to go back and dip in, the product is so opaque first time around. The doe foot is also weirdly soft. Like, soft soft. So soft that the plastic underneath kinda comes through but in a good way. Especially when you use the very tip to do your edges, you get the precision of the stiff plastic but the protection and comfort from the sponge. Plus, unlike other liquid lipsticks, you can reapply on top of already dry product without looking caked up or ‘crusty’.

I’ve seen many YouTube reviews of people saying that these lip products smell bad. I don’t know what they’re smelling or if they’re batch was bad but mine smell like a sugary syrup. I did notice that those saying they smelt bad ordered from AliExpress and not Ebay so maybe that’s the issue.

All in all, I think these are really great affordable alternatives to some very spendy products. I’d recommend them all day long. Check out some of the other colours here.

I have to thank Dyna's Random Blog for putting me onto them because for 
99p?? they're awesome!

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