Y O U T U B E M A D E M E D O I T | #1 B E N N Y E*

YouTube Made Me Do It - Ben Nye Translucent Powder - Sienna Review


We’ve all seen Ben Nye doing the rounds on YouTube and Instagram but the brand has been around for yonks in the costume and stage makeup department. The setting and luxury powders gained overnight fame when Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist revealed that he used the shade banana to set her highlight. I don’t personally like the extreme highlighted look and if I do highlight it’s always only one shade lighter than my foundation. Super bright BAM POW highlights just don’t look right on me. I instead went for an all over translucent powder to set my entire face. I chose Sienna, a powder with an orange undertone.

In the UK this product is quite annoying to get a hold of. I ended up getting mine from preciousaboutmakeup.com for £6.10 with Royal Mail first class delivery at £3.50. I thought that price was pretty fair. They do have a store in London over Shepard’s Bush way but if I had gone, I’d have payed more for tube than I would’ve done for delivery plus I’d have had to get a Costa Coffee and a Pret croissant and would almost certainly have bought more in the shop so it was better for me to jut stay indoors. As it happens, it took like a day after dispatch for it to arrive so that was pretty decent even though it was only coming from up the road. It would probably have been cheaper for someone in the shop to drop it in on their way home. Hahaha.

Anyway, as I said, I chose the shade Sienna. They have a wide range of translucent powders for all skin tones from the whites of the white to the darkest of the dark. Even though they’re labelled as translucent, they do give off some colour so it’ important to get one that suits your undertones. As with most purchases that are widely recommended on the internet, I do a loooooot of research so I was sure that Sienna was for me.

For me, I don’t notice any difference to how long my foundation stays on my face but then, that hasn’t ever really been a problem. Powdering is just an anti-shine precaution for me as my nose just greases itself up during the day. Around the nostrils, the shine is noticeably less which is good bit still not a thing of the past.


What I like most about the powder is how even my foundation looks afterwards. It looks smooth and velvety as though a smoothing filter has been applied but in a good way, not in a play dough cake face way. The hint of colour helps a lot here too especially on foundations that are a bit too pale like the Revlon colourstay in Caramel. Not that that will be an issue anymore what with the racist remarks from the Revlon CEO. I wont be buying or using Revlon products so that means I’m on the hunt for new foundation.


Some people have complained about the dispenser of the powder, a sifter top, saying that the lid isn’t big enough to catch some product….. There are so many places you can get small tubs from like Primark for travel that you can dispense the whole thing into that I really don’t see why this is a problem. For me, I just catch some in the lid with no mess or hassle or onto a flat surface or palette and go from there. Simples. For UK and US shoppers, you can get Ben Nye Mojave powders in domed topped jars from here if you’re really that fussy. I haven’t found this packaging for the classic translucent powders anywhere though so….. ya know…

I see what the hype is about here and am pretty glad that YouTube made me buy it. I’ll be looking to get the Topaz powder, one that’s a bit more yellow, and the Camel Mojave powder to mix with Sienna to brighten and set the under eye.


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