B E A U T Y | R A D I A N T L I G H T S P A L E T T E*

NEW Radiant Lights Palette & Updated Makeup Revolution Review


A few weeks ago I absolutely RAVVVVVVVED about the Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights powders that I bought in my last haul. I have the shades Breathe and Glow and absolutely love both and having been using Breathe to death! Each powder comes in its own hefty sized compact which I absolutely love but my addiction to keeping outer packaging and boxes does make it annoying every morning to use (but that’s on me) especially when I want to use the two together. But anyway…..

Enter the new combination palette that launched last Friday. Now you can have all three illuminating powders, supposed Hourglass dupes, in the one palette that you can take on the go easily. What I love about this new layout is that although the pans are smaller, you still get so much product! Not to mention you can try out all three powders without committing to one. I was looking to try the third shade Exhale and now I can with no commitment to spending £5 on what I already said was a pretty large amount of product that I may never use. The compact itself is long and slim and even without any decoration on the outside, still manages to look sophisticated. It also contains a long mirror which is clear as crystal.



I really do love this new packaging and urge you to get this if you were thinking about getting any one of the powders. It costs £3 more at £8 but for that price, you get all three powders which you just can’t beat. Especially when one Hourglass powder costs around £35. These powders are the single best product on the market right now to add light to the complexion. You cannot beat the quality and the effect that these give. It is honestly pregnancy glow in a palette that how beautifully natural these powders are.

In addition to this, the three best selling original ‘lights’ highlighters now come in an identical compact. You can get Golden Lights, Peach Lights and Pink Lights for the same £8 price tag.

You can buy these palette’s and much more at makeuprevolutionstore.com with international shipping!

The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of MakeUp Revolution.

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