H A U L | B O O T S – B O X I N G D A Y*

Boots Boxing Day SALE Haul


When it comes to Boxing Day sales I always go in for skincare and body bits as opposed to clothes or shoes etc. I hate clothes shopping at the best of times and fighting a bunch of teenage girls just to look at the size tag on some jeans really isn’t my cup of tea. Plus, skin care can be slightly expensive so any chance to try out deluxe samples rather than buy a full size and realise you don’t like the product is great for me.

So, I went down to Boots and grabbed a few things from the 1/2 price sale (still going on in some stores) as well as a perfume gift set. You can buy most all of the products in single form (I’m not sure about the White Company set) in Boots regularly anyway.

1 | Dolce by Dolce Eau de Parfum

I’ve wanted this fragrance for a long while and always intended to pick it up from Boots in the sales as that’s how I usually get my fragrance. Luckily my lovely mother got it for me for a late Christmas present. It’s quite a sophisticated fragrance without being ‘mature’. Plus it’s quite strong so a little goes a long way.

2 | Sanctuary Spa Body Wash and Lotion Set

A set of four luxe shower gels and four lotions. I’m really loving the shower gels. They’ve got little ‘wake me up’ type particles which really help in the morning.

3 | The White Company Mini’s

I’m yet to try these so I can’t comment but the entire set cost £4.00 and comes with a little cosmetics bag which is great for mini products of use as a makeup bag which is what I now use it for.

4 | No. 7 Lash Impact Mascara

This has quickly become my favourite mascara! It does absolutey everything. I wont give away too much though. A quick review will follow.

5 | No. 7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define – Velvet Truffle

I bought this primarily as an eyeshadow base and it does the job really well. It’s emollient without being slippery…. so the shadows don’t disappear during the day.

6 | No. 7 Protect and Perfect Sample’s

As far as skincare goes, I’ve always struggled. This hot cloth cleansing set with day and night cream is my new favourite and will repurchase both the night cream and the hot cloth cleanser at some point.

7 | No.7 Essential Moisture Day Cream

I like the formula of this product but not the smell. It’s not offensive, it just isn’t the kind of ‘natural’ I like. I’m going to try the Essential Moisture Fluid to see if that’s any better.

8 | No.7 Essential Moisture Night Cream

Big big fan of this cream. I wake up every morning with super soft skin which is what you want from a night cream, right? Definitely a repurchase.

9 | Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter

These body butters are full sized and came with a little ribbon which I assume was to hang on the Christmas tree. In the sale they were £3.00. The original price is £10.50. So far, so good. Non greasy, sweet smelling.

Not including the perfume, I spent just over £40 which is really good considering a lot of the products were close to full size and often come up £10+ for the original product. I’m really enjoying the majority of these products, my favourite being the Righteous Butter. I’m just pissed off that it’s £10.50 normally! I should’ve bought more!

What did you guys get in the sales? Any recommendations for someone who loves to pamper their skin?

3 thoughts on “H A U L | B O O T S – B O X I N G D A Y*

    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      That sucks! I went in the evening and they had either just put more stuff out for the next day or just fancied restocking at 6pm?? I dunno. But we had so much stuff. And this wasn’t even in the town center. I should’ve bought more stuff!


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