B E A U T Y | N o. 7 F U L L F A C E*

No.7 Full Face Fresh/Simple Everyday Makeup + Review


There’s a theme on my blog today. It’s No.7, can you tell? You may have seen it in my last post.

But anyway….. I feel as though No.7 is like an affordable luxury brand. Everything reminds me of makeup for older women in that it’s all very subtle and classy. For your business woman or working professional. It makes me feel like someone even though I’m a no one, ya know?

I got this little sample set as a free gift with purchase of a foundation and nail colour a few months back so thought I’d try a full face with it all and see how it turned out.

The products used are:
Stay Perfect Foundation - Mocha | £14.50
Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio - Cappucino | £9.50
Youthful Eye Serum | £19.50
High Shine Lipgloss - Glaze | £9.00
 **Foundation wasn't included in the sample set.

1 | I moisturised my face with the last of my Body Shop Aqua Boost Sorbet and then applies the Youthful eye serum to the lids and underneath the eyes. I found that the serum was quite light and not sticky. As far as hydrating the skin around the eyes, yes, It did that but little else. I just don’t think a project like this is marketed at a 20 year old anyway and in hindsight, I should’ve given it to my mum when I was last home. I’ll continue to use the product though, waste not want not.

2 | My everyday primer is a No.7 primer anyway. The Beautifully Matte. Does what it says on the tin, keeps makeup beautifully matte all day every day. Even if you’re a fan of a dewy foundation, which I am, this primer is a great base. The foundation really sticks well especially around the troublesome t-zone.


3 | I applied the Stay Perfect foundation with the Elf Powder Brush after I’d left the primer for a few minutes. The formula is quite good and applies an even coverage that is medium but buildable. The shade Mocha is altogether too dark for me though and I had to even it out a lot with a lighter concealer through the center of the face. The foundation wore well for a long time only getting patchy around the jawline at around 6pm and a little bit shiny on the cheeks a you ca see in the photo at the end. – I quite like the packaging for this foundation too. It’s a tall matte glass bottle with a pump. As much as I like this foundation, I don’t know that there is a perfect shade for me despite No.7’s claims to find every woman their perfect match. The grey tone in this foundation is good for a liquid contour but makes me look quite ill when used all over the face.

4 | The eyes today are very very basic. All I did was use my index finger to pat a bit of the single shadow from the Cappuccino trio onto the mobile lid and that was it. I must say that this colour is very flattering on me I think. It’s a very grey toned gold if any such colour is even possible? It gave the lids a little something without being overly noticeable which is my usual style of eye makeup. The formula is very nice too and has me very interested in other No.7 shadows, especially the duo that I have in my collection currently.

5 | To finish a two step eye I added lashings of the Lash Impact mascara. I stress the word LASHINGS in a positive way. Where most mascaras clump my already short and thick lashes together, this adds length and separates even more than the Rimmel Wonderfull mascara which allows me to add more mascara than I would usually. I’m going to do a review on this separately though, but just a heads up, I purchased the full size in my Boots Boxing Day Haul and its now the only mascara I currently use.

6 | All I did for the lips was run the remainder of the foundation on my brush over my lips and apply the High Shine Lipgloss in Glaze. Either the applicator is too big for the neck of the tube or the neck of the tube is too narrow for the applicator but you get very little product out. I managed to fight with it to get some out but I’ve been reaching for it less and less because I find it so difficult to get out. That may just be because it’s a sample size, I dunno…… The colour is lovely though. It’s like a rose-taupe.

And that’s it. No bronzer, no eyebrows….. just these few products for a very toned down (for me) and fresh faced makeup look for everyday. I’m not sure how I feel without the safety net of sculpted cheekbones haha.  If I’m honest, this kind of makeup makes me feel very naked and vulnerable and really, really young!! Like, since when was I 12?!! o.O

no.7 stay perfect foundation

What do you guys think? Would you wear this simple makeup and which No.7 products would you recommend?

**Variations in skin tone are because of the light in my room and time of day, I haven’t edited the colours….. The first picture was taken around 8am right next to the window when the sun wasn’t very bright, the second was taken around 2pm with the winter sun shining through the window from a distance.


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