B E A U T Y | E L F – H D B L U S H*

ELF HD Blush Review w/ Swatches - Showstopper


I posted a picture up on Instagram last week sometime wearing the Elf HD Blush in Showstopper. I wasn’t wearing it on my cheeks though….. I was wearing it on my lips. Before I go into why, I’ll review it and then you guys will begin to understand.

So, first off I knew this would take some working with. Not only was I new to blush when I bought it but I was a complete blending noob which is why I’ve been practicing like mad! But anyway, I was excited for it.

Annnnnd then, the disappointment…..

While you might think that it being in a pump is a good thing, it’s not. It takes so much effort to press down and you get so much product shooting out all over the place. Sure, it’s nice that as you use the product, the little spring loaded table travels up and up the bottle so you know when to repurchase but it’s a bit pointless. If you press hard and lots comes out that isn’t really an accurate portrayal of how much use you’re actually getting but if you manage on the off chance to get a tiny pin prick of product, you’re never going to need to repurchase….. ?????


This blush is far too thick to blend and far too pigmented with a weird shimmer. It is straight up purple just chilling on your cheek. Of course I tried the whole spread it on the back of your hand and use a stipple brush to give a natural application but the blush is so thick and dry that you can’t do it. I tried using my finger tips and patting which worked better. I even tried applying it before foundation as I do sometimes with my contour in the hope that the buffing motion of my foundation brush will blend the product for me…. nope. Messy!


Let me tell you, this stuff STAINS. so badly. I have dark skin and even on me it just sits around. It’s definitely one you’ll need an oil based makeup remover for. – This is what me thinking about what else I could use it for. Because for an ELF product, this was not cheap. I think it was £3.75 when I bought it and the price has gone up and up to £4.50 and then down in the sale to £3.50. I didn’t want to just throw it out.

So considering the trends in lip products right now… matte….. long lasting…. stains…. one morning on a whim I started applying this to my lips with a lip brush. No joke, it stays all day, is a gorgeous colour and the pigmentation and shimmer work so much better for a lip product than for a blush. You can layer it with gloss or even as a lip liner if you do it precisely. I only wish I had thought of this before for autumn so I could have been rocking an ultra vibrant berry tone all season!



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