B E A U T Y | N A K E D C H O C O L A T E*

Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette Review w/ Swatches | £7.99


The Love Affair with Chocolate continues with the stripped back eyeshadow 
collection in our collectable chocolate bar palettes. Naked Chocolate is 
here. Containing 16 stunning eyeshadows for perfect bare to smokey eyes, 
mixture of shimmer and matte shades. 3D chocolate palette with full size 
mirror and applicator.

The new Naked Chocolate palette from Makeup Revolution seriously feeds my makeup addiction even if it doesn’t fulfill my white chocolate cravings. You may remember a post a while back with the original I ♥ Chocolate palette from the I ♥ Makeup sister line and this new palette is the third installment after the Death by Chocolate palette was launched.

The first thing I’ll say is about the packaging. Just like the original, the whole 3D chocolate bar is fantastic and is executed much better than the Too Faced ‘equivalent’. -Speaking of Too Faced, the first palette was a direct dupe, what I love about this is that instead of releasing a Semi Sweet knock off, MUR have come up with something very original which doesn’t follow on from other releases. 


As I was saying on Instgram to a follower, the overall feel of this new palette is nude/bridal. It reminds me a lot of the Naked 3 palette with its cool toned pink hues but this is much more light and delicate. As you can see from the shades above, you get a nice variety of light colours which are perfect for everyday or as I said, that bridal look. You do get a couple of deeper browns and a red/burgundy but no harsh colours whatsover. You could build up the browns possibly but still only get a smoky type intensity as opposed to a really strong look. For that reason I quite like that there are no pops of colour or even a straight up black. Not every palette needs a bright blue or orange and I love just how MUR always get their ‘themes’ just right.

Smoothly | Divine | Mocha Lover | Dipped | Choc-fest
Adorable | Buttons | Frosted Choc | Delight | Sweet Shop | Sugar 
Double - Dip | Tob-le-rone | White | Milky | Way

In terms of shade names, I like them all even though the White shade is actually a brown (???). – My favourite neutral everyday combo to date is the entire bottom row with a teeny bit of Choc-fest in the outer crease.



This top row is predominantly highlight shades for the inner corner, center of the lid or eyebrow. The shade ‘Smoothly’ is actually one of my most used. It’s the shadow I us to set any concealer or foundation on my lid. I just find the rest of the shadows blend better and look better that way. I’m glad this is one of the larger pans in the palette since I use it so often.


Aren’t these shades pretty!! The performance of the matte shades especially surprised me seen as matte shades are notoriously difficult to master. The consistency of these is beyond soft. They blend well and look beautiful. These three silk/metallic shades? Seriously, come on. If you got these in a MAC palette or Urban Decay you’d not be surprised at the quality. You can’t beat that!


This row of colours pack the most punch in terms of pigmentation. The highlight shade ‘Way’ really does show up like that in photos especially if you aren’t careful with the application. Toblerone and Milky are my two favourite in the palette because they really do open up the eyes if used in the crease.

Makeup is one of those things that can change your mood depending on what you choose to wear that day and I feel as though every time I wear these shadows I feel that little bit more sophisticated. That little bit more beautiful and that’s not something I get from every palette I own.

This palette wont be for everyone but if you’re on the nude shadow bandwagon or just prefer subtle eye makeup maybe paired with a bright or vampy lipstick then I recommend Naked Chocolate. (£7.99).

You can buy this palette and much more at makeuprevolutionstore.com with international shipping!

The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not 
indicative of the opinions of MakeUp Revolution.

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