B E A U T Y | U P D A T E #1 S P E N D I N G B A N*

Makeup Spending Ban Update - January

So you may have seen in a previous post I started a four month spending ban. For the first month (January), the task was not to buy any make up whatsoever. I managed this so much more easily than I first thought I would. I realised quite quickly that I had already purchased an unnatural amount of make up and therefore I really, really needed to work with what I already had. So, I try not to go into Boots or Superdrug and if I do its only for essentials and/or a bottle of water. I don’t even go to the make up aisle any more and trying to avoid promotions as well. I’ve walked past Kiko and Selfridge’s on Oxford Street so many times and have not even stepped in. To be honest, I’m pretty proud of myself!

So now that January is over, and today is February 1st, there needs to be more of the same. In my last post I said that during the month of February I was only allowed to purchase one make-up item for the entire month. This was so that I would think more carefully about the things that I buy and whether or not they are necessary. Now, I did not specify whether or not make up brushes would be included in the ban, and to be honest, I’m still not sure. While I am in need of some basic flat shader brushes, cumulatively these could cost more than makeup on its own, so I’m unsure how I want to continue with this.

Look out for a ‘Beauty WishList’ post showcasing some of the make up items that I might buy during February!

What do you guys think? Should I include brushes in the ban or not?



6 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | U P D A T E #1 S P E N D I N G B A N*

  1. fislittleblog says:

    I think you should include them (sorry to make this harder) but if you were to do a make up collection video they would be included in that. Am currently thinking about doing he same thing. I have an addiction and recently I’ve been spending like crazy, I need to calm myself down and only buy something when I really need it! Xxx

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  2. dionne414 says:

    Depends on how bad you need the brushes. I had to slow down on hair products (currently transitioning from relaxed to natural) and am trying to use the products I have before I buy anything new as well. Sounds like you are off to a good start!


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