B E A U Y | U L T R A V E L O U R L I P C R E A M*

Makeup Revolution Ultra Velour Lip Cream Review & Swatches


Love intensive colour, cream finish & comfortable wear ? Get a lip formulation first! Ultra Velour Lip Cream.
Our stunning new lip creams give you a VELOUR matte finish with ULTRA intensive colour. They apply SMOOTH, and FEEL amazingly COMFORTABLE to wear.

Quite a while ago now I did a Makeup Revolution haul here. In that haul I picked up two of the Ultra Velour Lip creams. This was sometime just before Christmas. The two shades I got were a pink and a purple, ‘All I Think About Is You’ and ‘Not One for Playing Games’. Each were £3.00.



SAM_4231The packaging is quite bog standard for a lip product. Each lip cream comes in a gold box and then in a cylindrical tube with a doe foot applicator. I think it’s quite nice how everything is labelled on the outer packaging and the product itself.

I have worn these both numerous times and do indeed find them amazingly comfortable to wear and smooth upon application. At first I was a little bit surprised at the pigmentation as it was a little lacking, but I’ve come to realise that this is a positive thing in this particular case. You will find me saying that regularly.… What I mean by this is that the product is self is quite thick but also quite sheer???? Yet when you apply to the lips you still somehow get the maximum colour payoff. Don’t ask me how, it just does.


When you apply them and they feel sort of like an mousse, almost as though you’re wearing marshmallow on your lips. Trust me as I type this I realise how odd this sounds! But the product is truly amazing. I’m not sure how this formula woodwork with darker colours, I know there is a darker burgundy red in the collection, but for the pink and purple that I have it’s fantastic. I know that Collection do a similar cream product, which I forget the name of (creampuff?), that they do not do such vibrant colours. There is our morning you are suited to pale skin tone whereas Makeup Revolution and yet again provide for darker complected guys and dolls which I am for ever grateful for.

These are also a great product to throw in your handbag for days when your lipstick starts to come off but you just can’t be bothered to reapply it as you had that morning. You can just apply one of these late creams over the top of any lipstick that has stained your lips and you’re good to go! These are also really good over a lipliner base for an easy, effortless, stay all day lip colour.

Oh god! The smell! These things smell like cake mixture freshly baked a cake pop. It kills me every time I use them not to go and buy a really, really big slice of cake. If you’re still following my New Year’s diet and you just bought these or are thinking of buying these, just be warned… that diet will go out of the window. I just wish I had smellivision so that you can smell these too.

The thumbnail image is me wearing the pink shade, ‘All I Think About is You’ and I must say, it makes my lips look extra, extra plump without having used a gloss or a product to highlight the centre of the lip. Also, the texture really is a cross between a velvet and as satin matte which is, I think, really attractive. The image below is a quick shot of ‘Not One for Playing Games’. You can see how much of a cool toned purple it is and have a natural pigment of the lips still shows through a little.


All in all, I think he’s a fantastic products for the price and I don’t even think any high-end brands provide a ‘lip cream’ type thing that performs anywhere near as well as well as this does. There are eight other shades to choose from so you’ll never be without choice..



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