Y O U T U B E M A D E M E D O I T | #3 P E R V E R S I O N*

YouTube Made Me Do It | Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil Review


Another cult product that took over the internet back around 2013/2014 was the Urban Decay Glide on Waterproof Eye Pencil. While there are a good 40 or so pencils to choose from, the one that was raved about was Perversion, the blackest black kohl of life. I didn’t immediately run out and buy this pencil but I did buy it on a whim one afternoon when the Youtube-ness took over.

Perversion also comes in a mascara, liquid liner, gel and even an angled brush.

First off, this pencil is not cheap by any means, it’s £15.50 for 1.2g of product. I got mine from House of Fraser but you can get UD in the UK from Debenhams, UD online and Feel Unique.


Since I got mine a year and a half ago I still surprisingly have loads left but that’s not because I use it all of the time and you get a good amount of product…. it’s because this thing stings like a m*ther when you use it in the waterline and it doesn’t even show up that black even when you dry the waterline with a cotton bud before hand. Considering that was the main reason I bought it, I was super disappointed. Which is why I haven’t touched this pencil in around a year. I just refuse to throw it away because I spent money god damn it!


Look….. actual tears about 30 seconds after application (just to the waterline). – If anyone’s wondering what the eyeshadow is called, it’s ‘P funk’ from the Sleek i-Divine Supreme palette. 

I’m really glad I didn’t bin it though because this pencil is amazing for staying on the lid for a high impact wing even if it does make you look like you were stabbed in the eye with a sharp object when you apply it.

I’ve been using the pencil this way for a few weeks now anyway. I stopped using pencils for my eyeliner a long time ago because I couldn’t find one that would transfer enough pigment over the top of shadows without turning grey and murky. No such problem here. The colour glides right on (as the name suggests) like a gel/liquid hybrid and stays out all day. I can finally elongate the inner corner of my eye without worrying all day that the black is transferring all over my face and making me look like a demon. The illusion of beautiful Persian cat eyes is finally mine!

Here’s me this morning with a super neutral, barely there eyeshadow look using all matte shadows with Perversion for a bold, thick wing.

Urban Decay Perversion

I will say that when this pencil is super sharp you get really crisp smooth lines that you don’t have to go back over. The only issue is that it’s so soft that you have to sharpen a lot. Annoying. £15 pencils do not excite me. Even if they do give a fierce wing!

Now, I don’t know if the problem I had was because I have sensitive eyes or not, I’ve never reacted to a liner like that before. But if you are sensitive, I’d definitely skip this unless you want to use it as a (pretty expensive) base for other shadows or as I have to draw on a wing. I honestly don’t know how to rate this one because it’s so 50/50. It definitely isn’t a must have product but I am kinda/sorta glad that Youtube made me do it!


2 thoughts on “Y O U T U B E M A D E M E D O I T | #3 P E R V E R S I O N*

  1. womanseekingmakeup says:

    I like this liner and use it almost exclusively for my waterline lol, I simply came here to rave about your skin! Oh. My. Gosh! That close up? Girl you have beautiful skin! Or if maybe your skin is problematic and you are just wearing makeup, in which case your makeup application is flawless! So jealous, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      Oh, wow, thanks! I’ve been working on skincare a whole bunch since I started my makeup ban but lucky for me that area of my face has never had any issues, my main problems are my cheeks and my neck. But there is foundation on in that picture. It’s an awesome new one from the brand B. Beauty. – Thanks so much for commenting. You made my day!


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