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Top Five Red Carpet Looks | The Brit Awards 2015

Last night at the Brits saw Kim K take selfies on stage while she was introducing Kanye, Take That make fools of themselves and Madonna take flight in spectacular fashion as she was dragged down a flight of stairs by her dancers during her ‘big return’ to the biggest music awards ceremony in the UK. The red carpet however was far more subdued than all of that. There really wasn’t much glitz and glam at the Brit awards so there wasn’t very much to choose from in terms of favourite fashions. There was no Margo Robbie, JLo or Zendaya but there were these guys. Let’s take a look at my personal top five.

1 | Paloma Faith

The most put together and polished look on the red carpet came from Paloma Faith. The combination of red hair, red lips, red nails and red dress worked so well together and you have to admire the winged liner and bold brows. Paloma looked absolutely glorious in Armani. 

2 | Marina Diamonds

What I love about Marina’s choice is that it’s very va-va-voom. I’m all about that. This dress is infinitely feminine and screams ‘Hollywood’. She goes in and out in all of the right places and her hair is perfection. I’m not too sure why her stylist let her go out in shoes that appear to be too small but that’s for them to argue about.

3 | Jessie Ware

Some people are going to hate Jessie’s dress and some will love it. I’m certainly a lover, especially of the cut in the front. I think this is also a very feminine dress but in a Fin de siècle/ turn of the century kind of way. I mean, if she had a high neck frilly white shirt on instead of baring her chest and was carrying a pretty parasol she could definitely have gone back in time and been a gaiety girl or something. I also think the maroon/burgundy goes super well with her hair colour and tanned skin. – Btw, seriously, you guys should check out her album Devotion. It’s awesome.

4 | Janelle Monae

Lime green nails, what looks like Morange by MAC on the lips, natural hair and a fru-fru tuxedo? What’s not to like? Plus, those shoes…… Yes, Janelle! Finger snapping and bowing gestures all day long! This works in so many ways. I only wish I could pull off a trouser suit this well without looking like a hippo.

5 | Leigh-Anne Pinnock & Little Mix

For the first time since I can remember, Leigh-Anne is getting to be centre stage. In their music it’s always the other girls who get the limelight but last night Leigh-Anne’s semi-couture golden goddess-ness stood out so much more than the other ‘blah’ block colour frocks. I mean look at that detail. If that dress were in white and showed a bit more boob I’d be all over that for my wedding. – The others looked very meh to me!

Apart from Madonna's little accident, what were your favourite moments from the show and who did you think was best dressed? Comment below!

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