B E A U T Y | S U P R E M E*

Sleek iDivine Supreme Review w/Swatches


The Shangri La Supreme PPQ I-divine is a unique collaboration that is inspired by colours that drive African colours and fabrics, which were largely seen in the collection for PPQ 2013.

My god! How terrible! I hauled this palette in August 2014 and am only just getting around to the review. I’m a terrible beauty blogger! Like, really, unfollow me…… *Awkward laughter*

Anyway, Sleek Supreme. This is a limited edition iDivine, and you can’t actually buy it from Sleek anymore. You can however find this palette on eBay from sellers who had too much stock. Just search ‘Sleek Supreme’. Most are legit, trust me, I know a lot of people who own beauty supply stores and they tell me that’s exactly how it is. I digress….

Supreme really caught my eye because it’s cool toned and I always tend to go for warm, Continue reading



Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss Review


I was at Westfield Shepards Bush recently and they have an Essence stand right by the food court so of course, I went an had a little look. Now, if you’ve been following my makeup spending ban then you’ll know that in March I’m allowed to spend a total of £20 on make up. Let me tell you now, I have spent £20 (not all on Essence… Kiko mini haul to follow)!! One of the products I bought was this gloss from Essence. It’s one of their XXXL Shine glosses. The shade is # 27 Just Me and my Lipgloss. In the tube It’s a kind of strawberry jam type colour with orange undertones. Continue reading


Makeup Revolution – I ♥ Makeup Obsession Palette’s – Wild is the Wind Review w/Swatches

thumbA week or so ago Makeup Revolution launched five new limited edition palette’s. They’re each dramatic in their own way with never before seen shades from the brand. The palette’s are all ten mixed matte and shimmer shades, all with new formulas.

The two I was kindly sent were Pure Cult (pinks and golds) and Wild is the Wind (brights/purples). The other palettes are Born to Die (smoked neutrals), Paris (romantic cool toned, pinks, grey, navy) and West End Girls (glamorous deep, vibrants shimmers). Each palette is £3.99 and can be found here.

I’m going to review Wild is the Wind for you guys today. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | U P D A T E #2 S P E N D I N G B A N*

Makeup Spending Ban Update - February

febYou probably know by now that in January I started four month spending ban since my makeup purchasing had gotten out of hand. Today I’m updating on what is day 64 of the spending ban.

No. of makeup purchases: 0.

That’s a lie, I did buy the new B. Beauty foundation but I allowed myself foundations in the original challenges seen as we’d all be kinda screwed if that ran out during the four months.

The point is that even though I said that I could buy one makeup product this month, I haven’t done so. I’m slowly learning about necessity. I’m not saying I’ll never treat myself to makeup again, I’m just saying that I’m getting more in tune with what I need, what I don’t need and what I can wait for. Continue reading

B E A U T Y | N E W I N*

New In - My collection


Please expect the next blog posts on LuceLuxeLifestyle to be on the following:

– Sleek iDivine

– Arabian Nights


– Makeup Revolution Obsession Palettes

Wild is the Wind

– Pure Cult

Makeup Revolution Naked Underneath

– Eat Tokyo Restaurant Review

– Vladimir Nabokov – Lolita Book Review

I completely forgot to put the Naked Underneath palette out when I was taking the picture but I will definitely be reviewing it, don't worry! - I'll do these in random order and will hyperlink as and when I've completed them. I hope there's something there that you're looking forward to seeing.
Aloha, L!

B E A U T Y | J A C L Y N H I L L – M O R P H E*

Jaclyn Hill Favourites by Morphe Palette Review w/Swatches


I’ve been holding off on doing this review seen as I’m still so, so bitter about customer service and delivery surrounding this palette. I was one of those saddos sitting at her computer at 8 AM GMT on New Year’s Day fighting with three different browsers, refreshing every ten seconds, just to get my hands on this. I ended up having to buy LA Girl Pro Concealer in Fawn, four other single shadows and two brushes because you couldn’t remove them from the basket once the site started malfunctioning. 😦 But even with those items, this was all just a bit of a joke.

I’ll give you a little spoiler though…. I am happy I bought this palette, the shadows are amazing, I just wish there was less hassle to purchase it. That aspect was a shambles!

But anyway…..

The Jaclyn Hill palette launched on January 1st at midnight PST. It was originally on ‘presale’ so, although orders could be taken on that day, they would not be shipped until January 23rd. I was prepared to wait that long but with the rigmarole we all had to go through to place an order they decided to ship out around a week after instead.

Mine arrived sometime around January 15th and was sent back to customs seeing as they had said that ‘the sender had not paid postage’. Now, considering I spent $20 on ‘shipping’ I’d assume that was enough. Continue reading