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Jaclyn Hill Favourites by Morphe Palette Review w/Swatches


I’ve been holding off on doing this review seen as I’m still so, so bitter about customer service and delivery surrounding this palette. I was one of those saddos sitting at her computer at 8 AM GMT on New Year’s Day fighting with three different browsers, refreshing every ten seconds, just to get my hands on this. I ended up having to buy LA Girl Pro Concealer in Fawn, four other single shadows and two brushes because you couldn’t remove them from the basket once the site started malfunctioning. ūüė¶ But even with those items, this was all just a bit of a joke.

I’ll give you a little spoiler though…. I am happy I bought this palette, the shadows are amazing, I just wish there was less hassle to purchase it. That aspect was a shambles!

But anyway…..

The¬†Jaclyn Hill palette launched on January 1st at midnight PST. It was originally on ‘presale’ so, although orders could be taken on that day, they would not be shipped until January 23rd. I was prepared to wait that long but with the rigmarole we all had to go through to place an order they decided to ship out around a week after instead.

Mine arrived sometime around January 15th and was sent back to customs seeing as they had said that ‘the sender had not paid postage’. Now, considering I spent $20 on ‘shipping’ I’d assume that was enough. I called customs, and they said that the charges had been put on the recipient, no postage had ever been paid at the other end. Here’s where the bitterness comes in…… Morphe refused to pay the outstanding fee that I was being asked for and also completely ignored calls, emails and messages on social media notifying them of my dilemma. It cost me ¬£5¬†everytime I attempted to call Morphe who are based in Burbank CA. In the end, I gave up, paid the outstanding fees, received my parcel and was completely disappointed.¬†The huge box was completely unnecessary and was weighed down by unnecessary packing materials. This was by no means a ¬£70 parcel and I’m still pissed off. Can you tell?



This is what the JH packaging looks like… a slim black cardboard box with nice white typeface. There’s a picture of Jaclyn on the back with the words:

I collaborated with Morphe to bring you a palette of my favourite colours from their collection. These shadows are so pigmented and the best part of they are affordable. So many of you requested a palette with my top Morphe shadows so here it is! I hope you enjoy and tag me in makeup looks you create. 
Love you guys xo Jaclyn!

I thought that was nice touch.

Inside the box is a relatively flimsy pallet which contains twenty-eight eyeshadows. The palette itself has Morphe’s logo on the top but otherwise no decoration. I feel like the palette should have had the same writing as the box just to make it feel a little more ‘limited edition’.




Apologies for the quality of the above photo. I took it the evening it arrived and I was so mad about it that I didn’t even know if I’d bother reviewing it so I never put any effort into the pictures. I’ve since destroyed the shadows with my brushes (haha) so they’re not looking ready for any photoshoots these days….

The shades included have numbers as standard and really half-hearted names on the website. They can be bought here individually for $2 each. They aren’t listed on the actual palette or box though so….. tough tits with that one. – The shades are as follows:

L – Lustre | M – Matte | S – Shimmer | F – Frost | V – Velvet | P – Pearl | Sa – Satin | VP – Veluxe Pearl

1|| 04 Off White (F) | 54 Peachy Gold W/shimmer (L) | 6 Soft Golden Peachy Brown (M) | 76 Beige Champagne (S) | 64 Peachy Brown w/Shimmer (V) | 14 Vivid Orange (Matte) | 75 Shiny Rush (S) 

2|| 67 Dual Intensity Peach/ Pink (P) | 13 Soft Gold/Peach w/Pearl (Sa) | 62 Muted Taupe Brown (M) | 63 Muted Brown (M) | 20 Intense Gold/Brown w/Shimmer (F) | 47 Golden Apricot (S) | 66 Vibrant Coral (M)

3|| 33 Soft Baby Pink (P) | 68 Metallic Raspberry (S) | 16 Soft Muted Rosy Brown (Sa) | 15 Golden Orange/ Brown (M) | 61 Light Golden Brown (M) | 24 Intense Reddish Brown (M) | 74 Copper (S)

4|| 11 Orange Copper (VP) | 59 Vibrant Cran-purple (M) | 38 Pink w/Blue Pearl (L) | 53 Soft Purple (P) | 48 Amethyst (S) | 71 Deep Maroon Red (M)| 19 Intense Green w/Shimmer (L)


JH Morphe Row 1

JH Morphe Row 2

JH Morphe Row 3

JH Morphe Row 4

Each shadow is soft and smooth and weirdly enough, can be used wet or dry without the shadow looking any different. The only shadow that kicks up any excess product is¬†20 Intense Gold/Brown w/Shimmer (F). This one looks best used wet anyway so you can avoid that if your brush is damp. My absolute favourite is¬†16 Soft Muted Rosy Brown (Sa). I feel like this was the missing shade from the Naked 3 palette. Icould’ve done without Nooner and had this instead seen as 16 is a perfect middle shade between Limit and Nooner¬†– Perfect chocolate girl shade.

None of the shades are lacking in pigment and there are a couple of really cool duo chrome/tranformers on the left hand side with¬†67 Dual Intensity Peach/ Pink (P) and¬†33 Soft Baby Pink (P). Then of course, we have to talk about¬†19 Intense Green w/Shimmer (L). This colour is beyond perfect and before I received this palette I had nothing at all like it in my collection. I’m really looking forward to using it as something other than a lower lash line shade but the right occasion hasn’t presented itself yet.

All of the colours are warm bar a couple of the matte browns so if you’re a cool toned shadow fan then skip this completely.

Overall I feel like if you live in the United States then this palette is super affordable especially considering the quality. However, it just isn’t worth it with the fear of additional fees being added if you’re outside of the US. International shipping just ruined the joy I feel with most make-up purchases. I should have just waited for one of the other girls from America who bought more than one palette¬†to sell theirs on eBay as it would have worked out cheaper. I try not to complain however seen as if you were to buy the shadows individually from Mac or Inglot or even from Morphe it would have been significantly more expensive. The quality is really good.

Still pissed though…..

What are your thoughts on the JH palette? Will you be fighting to get your hands on one when it's re-released in March or April?

7 thoughts on “B E A U T Y | J A C L Y N H I L L – M O R P H E*

  1. MissLCC says:

    Aaaaand you just talked me out of buying this. I was dying for this palette but I was waiting to find out what the international shipping deal was. I can’t believe you paid ¬£70 in the end! That’s awful. The swatches look gorgeous and I’m glad you like them, but I think I’ll hold out a USA trip or eBay. And even then, I still have reservations about buying something from a company with such bad customer service. Morphe should be ashamed!


    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      I was dying for it too which is why I was so eager to get it but if I could do it again, I wouldn’t have got it. If I were you I’d do the USA thing. If they happen to have some while you’re there then that will be your best bet otherwise you could get into a bidding war and end up paying far too much like I did. – I’m just still so annoyed that the product is so good but everything about it is so bad. The shadows are good though so that’s all that matters.

      Liked by 1 person

    • LAUREN | LUCELUXE says:

      It’s bit ridiculous. I know we’re only a teeny tiny country but we’re so willing to pay for these products that they should just start selling them in stores here or have UK distributers. I mean, look at Makeup Geek and Colour Pop, they send samples to British bloggers yet British beauty lovers can’t get them readily. Makes me a little mad. ūüė¶ – But yeah, *sigh*, the colours are super pretty. Dang it!


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