B E A U T Y | U P D A T E #2 S P E N D I N G B A N*

Makeup Spending Ban Update - February

febYou probably know by now that in January I started four month spending ban since my makeup purchasing had gotten out of hand. Today I’m updating on what is day 64 of the spending ban.

No. of makeup purchases: 0.

That’s a lie, I did buy the new B. Beauty foundation but I allowed myself foundations in the original challenges seen as we’d all be kinda screwed if that ran out during the four months.

The point is that even though I said that I could buy one makeup product this month, I haven’t done so. I’m slowly learning about necessity. I’m not saying I’ll never treat myself to makeup again, I’m just saying that I’m getting more in tune with what I need, what I don’t need and what I can wait for.

A lot of people had suggested me starting a project pan, where I use up all of the stuff I have before I buy more. I’ve started that with mascaras and am trying to whittle my collection down to three, the Rimmel Wonderfull, No.7 Lash Impact and one other with a teeny tiny brush for the lower lashes. At the moment I have 12 mascaras open which is just a bit much. So, they’ll bemused up and never seen again!

I’m also trying to use the powders that I have a get that collection down to four. I have a powder that I bought from AJ Crimson when i volunteered at a makeup show which is nice enough but barely gets touched since I discovered Ben Nye and Collection translucent. So another goal is to get that finished.

I had wanted to try out some more kinds of blush but I have two palettes and three five single blushes that I’ve barely made dents in despite using them daily. When I allow myself to start buying again, I don’t think I’ll be buying blush.

This month the plan was to spend no more than £20 on makeup. That could be on one product or on 20 products as long as it didn’t exceed the budget. But now that we’re in March and finances are getting tight, not to mention study is being kicked up for the final semester of my undergraduate degree I’ll barely be leaving the house let alone shopping for makeup. I think this will be another easy no-buy makeup month. My plan to only buy makeup nearer to my birthday seems to be working out! Go me. (Self-five!)


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