Makeup Revolution – I ♥ Makeup Obsession Palette’s – Wild is the Wind Review w/Swatches

thumbA week or so ago Makeup Revolution launched five new limited edition palette’s. They’re each dramatic in their own way with never before seen shades from the brand. The palette’s are all ten mixed matte and shimmer shades, all with new formulas.

The two I was kindly sent were Pure Cult (pinks and golds) and Wild is the Wind (brights/purples). The other palettes are Born to Die (smoked neutrals), Paris (romantic cool toned, pinks, grey, navy) and West End Girls (glamorous deep, vibrants shimmers). Each palette is £3.99 and can be found here.

I’m going to review Wild is the Wind for you guys today.


At first glance, the shades here are perfect for Spring both day and night. The teal and lilac are gorgeous ‘pops’ for the lash line, winged liner or inner corner. The four deeper shimmers on the top row can be sheered out and blended nicely for a watercolour effect or packed out for va-va-voom sparkle! For most shadows with shimmer, when you apply to the lid, the shimmer falls out and you’re left with the base colour. These shadows do do that, but in a good way…. If you use a fluffy brush and  concentrate the shimmers on the crease then the shimmer is brushed away and you can use them as transitions but if you use a base, any base be it weak or strong or even just a damp brush, then the shimmer stays put forever! I love that they’re so versatile.

Oh, and the shades do not have names.

SAM_4975The palette also comes with a pink metallic double ended sponge applicator which is fine, I’ve actually started using them for swatches and for eyebrow highlight. I actually enjoy them for both purposes. I’m not saying I love them but it’s nice that they’re included.

Embossed onto the top row of shadows is the word ‘obsession’ and on the bottom row ‘I ♥’. It’s a nice touch but I hate ruining those kinds of things so I’m using them from the edges haha!! How sad am I?



I’ve found that the only true matte here is the teal blue and the mauve but the blue is the only patchy shade when watched. Swatching is not the be all and end all so I did use it on the lid as liner and also in the inner corner and it transferred as one of the shades with the most colour pay off even though it was the most difficult to swatch. All of the other colours watched smoothly with one swipe but I did go over again just to make them thicker for the photos.

Let’s swatch…..

As always, the only thing on my skin is whatever moisturiser I applied that morning so we’re technically swatching on ‘dry’ skin. Apologies for the blur, I wasn’t wearing my glasses 😦 haha. My bad.


Now, I haven’t gotten around to the review yet but what this palette reminds me of is the Mermaids vs Unicorns palette, this being the more wearable of the two. The shades in this are super similar minus the green section yet you do still get three greens here.

My favourite shades in this palette are the two purples at the end. Right now I’m super into purple, it just makes me feel a bit more put together than any other colour. The second colour has a blue shimmer/glitter, the third has copper/red glitter and the sixth has a silver green type shimmer. There are two ultra bright shimmer highlights there towards the end which are super intense.

I have no complaints here at all, this palette seems really well put together with complimentary shades. Not every single palette needs that brown transition or matte brow highlight or the deepest darkest black. This palette is just the right amount of fun and practicality.


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