Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss Review


I was at Westfield Shepards Bush recently and they have an Essence stand right by the food court so of course, I went an had a little look. Now, if you’ve been following my makeup spending ban then you’ll know that in March I’m allowed to spend a total of £20 on make up. Let me tell you now, I have spent £20 (not all on Essence… Kiko mini haul to follow)!! One of the products I bought was this gloss from Essence. It’s one of their XXXL Shine glosses. The shade is # 27 Just Me and my Lipgloss. In the tube It’s a kind of strawberry jam type colour with orange undertones.

Essence say that these glosses are:
- Ultra Shiny
- Moisturising
- Non Sticky

All of these claims are true! – New winning lipgloss formula all for £0.90. – And OMG, I just had to go and look at the receipt to find the price and fell on the floor when I saw that I’d only payed such a small amount for it!! I definitely need more. Backups of backups for dayyyyyyyyyys.


Btw, the applicator is flat, with weird sort of ‘spoons’ on each side that hold the product. It’s also very bendy…. as far as I’m concerned it’s great for getting an even coat of product which is a big gripe of mine with other glosses. Some of them just don’t spread and on bare lips, patchy pink gloss just isn’t attractive when your natural lip colour is a pale peach. No such issue here.

However, unless I’ve done some heavy colour correcting around my mouth wearing orange hued lip products is a big no-no for me. I have some serious hyper pigmentation in that area of the face which is only accentuated by the colour orange anywhere except the eyes. Despite the fact that this gloss is not sticky, stays put for four hours before touch ups are needed, doesn’t get the icky white line if you talk too much and actually smells and tastes nice (although I don’t recommend eating it), it’s still orange…… You’re probably wondering why I bought it if orange doesn’t work for me? Well, it’s just super pretty and peachy on the lips. It called to me as I was standing there and Spring is fast approaching. I love me a matte lip but vampy colours look a bit OTT on me in warmer months. So, i’ll be wearing this every bloody day and correcting the dark patches on my face so that I can rock this super sweet gloss!!


If I were a ratings kind of person, there’d be 5 stars across the board.

**Available from Wilko, Westfield and Arndale.


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