B E A U T Y | S U P R E M E*

Sleek iDivine Supreme Review w/Swatches


The Shangri La Supreme PPQ I-divine is a unique collaboration that is inspired by colours that drive African colours and fabrics, which were largely seen in the collection for PPQ 2013.

My god! How terrible! I hauled this palette in August 2014 and am only just getting around to the review. I’m a terrible beauty blogger! Like, really, unfollow me…… *Awkward laughter*

Anyway, Sleek Supreme. This is a limited edition iDivine, and you can’t actually buy it from Sleek anymore. You can however find this palette on eBay from sellers who had too much stock. Just search ‘Sleek Supreme’. Most are legit, trust me, I know a lot of people who own beauty supply stores and they tell me that’s exactly how it is. I digress….

Supreme really caught my eye because it’s cool toned and I always tend to go for warm, which I’m trying to change since I don’t even think warm tones suit me that well if I’m honest. The blues are also something I would never usually go for which I’m trying to change because blue is such a nice colour. The greens are my main favourites though since they’re so striking and well…. brown skin, brown eyes… green looks very flattering.

Blue Suede | R&B | Bronx Black | P-Funk | Grand Master Flash | Wah Wah White
La Belle Blue | Smokey Robinson | Al Green | Delfonic | Commodores Cream | Shangrila's Lemon

Now, I’m not sure if it’s just me that isn’t up on popular culture, but I just don’t get these shade names. The first row especially sound more like ghetto album names than anything to do with Shangri-La. I’m just confused……



Blue Sued and La Belle Blue are the two worst performing shades in both swatches and application which is a shame because La Belle Blue is the exact colour I’ve been looking for for summer.  If you’re wanting to try a mint blue/green then the Wild is the Wind has a cheaper, and better performing alternative although it isn’t the best shadow either. – Matte’s are notoriously difficult to get right though.

The other 10 shades are amazingly pigmented and apply to the lid as they do in swatches so you really do get what you see. – These are all technically matte shadows but certain colours such as Wah Wah White give off a metallic or frosted sheen despite appearing matte in the pan. And guys, I cannot get over the greens!! I wore P-Funk, Al green and Delfonic so many times during Autumn, they’re just perfect. Throw in a warm (or cool, I’m trying, I’m trying!) medium brown transition and you have just the right amount of colour and definition on the eyes to match a nude lip.

So, overall, it’s a Sleek palette, you already knew it would be good and aside from the names, I have nothing really bad to say about this at all. For £7.99, you couldn’t ask for more than pigment and lasting power.


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