S K I N C A R E |N A T U R A L L Y R A D I A N T*

Naturally Radiant 2 in 1 Moisturiser and Serum


Naturally Radiant 2 in 1 Moisturiser and Serum is formulated with a unique energising complex and infused with kiwifruit and mulberry extract to help revive skins radiance and even out skin tone. Enriched with nourishing fruit acids, this rich velvety formula delivers long-lasting moisturisation, whist also helping to refine skins texture and clarity for a smoother, more radiant complexion.

Dermatologically tested.

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B E A U T Y |U L T R A B R O W*

Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Bulletproof Palette - Med-Dark


Yesterday I received the new Ultra Brow Palette from PR at Makeup Revolution as it launched at a price of £7.99. For that price you get a huge mirror, four super bendable brow powders, two tinted wax’s, one cream brow arch highlighter, a powder highlighter, tweezers, two brushes and a brow pencil (all mini’s of course). It looks at first glance, the perfect little kit for at home and on the go. If you’ve stayed out the night before and just can’t face that taxi ride home without your brows, this kit will be your saviour! Continue reading

B E A U T Y | U P D A T E #3 S P E N D I N G B A N*

Makeup Spending Ban Update - March

MARCHApologies for my lack of posting recently, we’re in the home stretch of undergraduate degree’s which means lots of study, revision, extended essays, dissertations and hours of my life spent slowly dying in the library and fuelling myself on McDonald’s. The only two positives I can see right now are getting completely blind drunk on graduation night (something I NEVER do) and the fact that it’s Monopoly at McDonald’s atm and I just know I’m gonna win all those moniesssssss!

Anyway, I needed to get this post up just to keep myself on track.

In March the goal was that I was allowed to spend £20 and no more on makeup. In the first week of the month, I exceeded that. But not by much! It was only by about a pound. Still not quite sticking to the rules but…… it won’t kill anyone. Continue reading