B E A U T Y | U P D A T E #3 S P E N D I N G B A N*

Makeup Spending Ban Update - March

MARCHApologies for my lack of posting recently, we’re in the home stretch of undergraduate degree’s which means lots of study, revision, extended essays, dissertations and hours of my life spent slowly dying in the library and fuelling myself on McDonald’s. The only two positives I can see right now are getting completely blind drunk on graduation night (something I NEVER do) and the fact that it’s Monopoly at McDonald’s atm and I just know I’m gonna win all those moniesssssss!

Anyway, I needed to get this post up just to keep myself on track.

In March the goal was that I was allowed to spend £20 and no more on makeup. In the first week of the month, I exceeded that. But not by much! It was only by about a pound. Still not quite sticking to the rules but…… it won’t kill anyone.

You will have seen one of my buys in one of my recent posts on the Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss and I also got an amazing new mascara. I know I said in my previous post that I did not need anymore mascara but the sales girl was super persuasive and after she did the old ‘it’s what i have on today’, I couldn’t really say no when her eyelashes did look pretty good! From Essence I also got a handful of eyeliners. If I wasn’t on a budget, I’d have bought a lot more.

I had also been to Kiko within around ten seconds of entering the shopping centre which is why I had to really budget in Essence. I picked up a foundation, which i have just this second realised is not included in my spending ban so technically, I only spent £15 this month. OMG YAY ME. Budget queen. But anyway, foundation, the shade is little too red but mixed with one of my other warped colour foundations (I can never get the right shade), it works out beautifully. More on that later though.

I also picked up there single shadows from the Click system thing….. After using them all a few times each, even using one as a blush and another as a highlight, I have to say that I love them and I need to go back, get the 15 pan palette and fill that baby up!

I still of course need to blog about my purchases but the workload atm just doesn’t lend itself to talking about eyeshadow too much so I apologise if things are a bit quiet after this.

I wouldn’t say that I went ‘mad’ this month but after realising that I could actually spend a little bit of money my brain did go a bit gaga and I got waaaaaaaay too many endorphins released as I wandered around the shops. It was fun to be shopping for makeup again the budgeting aspect just made it a bit like a game!

This month is online shopping month which is good because I wouldn’t have time to go out shopping anyway, but also kinda pointless because I won’t have time to go out period. I’m also not even sure that I need anything….. which sounds odd for me….. Again, all i’d need is like a foundation as we’re getting into summer now and a replacement primer since mine is running low. I’ll probably hold off on both though since I do have things here that I can get as alternatives.

So, that was me this month for spending. pretty good, huh? 😀 – I do want to know what kind of things you’ve all been buying though, I feel a big end of exams/birthday/graduation blow out coming on soon and need some insp.!! Link your posts below so that I can take a look.


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