B E A U T Y |U L T R A B R O W*

Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Bulletproof Palette - Med-Dark


Yesterday I received the new Ultra Brow Palette from PR at Makeup Revolution as it launched at a price of £7.99. For that price you get a huge mirror, four super bendable brow powders, two tinted wax’s, one cream brow arch highlighter, a powder highlighter, tweezers, two brushes and a brow pencil (all mini’s of course). It looks at first glance, the perfect little kit for at home and on the go. If you’ve stayed out the night before and just can’t face that taxi ride home without your brows, this kit will be your saviour!



I was offered a choice of shades and it was a toss up between medium-dark or extra dark-black. When I wear pure black on my brows I look like a drag queen. That’s the only way I can put it and is probably why I rarely do anything to my eyebrows apart from plucking, brushing and highlighting the arch. The black palette didn’t have the ashy grey that I would have preferred so I went with medium-dark since I’d get more use out of it.


As you can see, the shades can look at first a little warm in the pan, but on the skin/brow they’re mostly more ash toned.




Yesterday I used the pencil to define my brows as I’m most comfortable with ‘drawing’ on my eyebrows when I do them. The pencil is very smooth and very pigmented. The point barely even flattened after I did both brows which is good because the pencil is only small and having to sharpen it so much would be a ball ache, it would get pretty mini, pretty quick. The colour is a very deep brown with absolutely no red, which surprised me since most brands always assume that a ‘medium’ brow product needs red to suit more hair colours, they don’t. – I like the pencil, it stays put and gives real definition in a naturally way. You also have the option to go a bit heavier if that’s what you prefer.

Today I used the lightest powder, an ashy type grey/brown at the front of the brow, the colour diagonally from that for the rest of the brow and then the lighter wax through the back 2/3 and brushed it out with a brow brush. I’ve never tried a brow wax before. It might be a stupid question but are they supposed to set? Because this one stays a little waxy. Or was I supposed to put wax on first and then powder? I dunno. Brow tutorials are always the ones I’m most disappointed to see in my blog or YouTube feed and I skip past them so I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with wax or brows in generally which you might agree with from my photos haha. It’s a good thing this palette is so affordable and gives you plenty of options because could you imagine an eyebrow noob like me shelling out for an ABH pomade or something similar and having wasted money because I had no idea how to use it? #FunnyMakeupFanaticProblems.



I actually used both of the brushes that came with the palette as opposed to my Zoeva #317 Wing Liner brush. The angled brush was for the powders and then I just cleaned it off for the wax. The square tipped brush I used for the cream highlighter and then wiped that off to apply some of the powder highlighter. I like both brushes and if they came with a full handle I’d buy them separately. Usually I would take all applicators out of a palette and put them in a draw to use in my swatch pictures but I’m going to keep these ones seen as they actually do a good job. They do tend to go walk about when you open the palette though so you might want to watch that because they will try and throw a party in your lap when you open the thing up.

The tweezers that are included are nice and sharp and really do grab the hairs and pull them out cleanly. They are just a tad bit too small though which you can’t really complain about because it’s a small palette, but…. I’m gonna haha. It would’ve been a bit pants if they hadn’t included one at all and it saves taking your favourite tweezers all about the place with you. I can’t be the only one that aways just seems to lose them?

The only gripe I have about this palette is with the highlighters. The cream highlight is too light for darker skins which isn’t really surprising since the palette was probably made with lighter skinned people with dark hair in mind. As someone with dark skin, who hates that Instagram brow with a ring of highlight around the edge, the cream highlighter was always going to be the least used thing in the palette so it isn’t a big loss, I’ll just continue to use a light brown shadow instead. The powder highlighter, again, same problem, made with lighter skinned people in mind. I tried this with a fan brush on my cheeks but it came out a bit too pale, then I tried it in the inner corner of the eye and loved it there. If I were lighter skinned and using these highlighters for their purpose on the brows, then I would have preferred the cream highlight to be the bigger pan and the powder to be the small one since you would use more of the cream. As I said though, you can use the highlighter as a face highlighter if you’re lighter complected so maybe having the powder as the larger of the two was for the best.

As a quick side thing, since getting my Naked Underneath and Black Velvet palette’s (reviews soon I promise once some of the uni hardship is done with) I’ve been loving rich dark brown shadows on the lid and lower lash line for a grungy type look with thin liner and heaps of mascara. The second brown on the left of the palette is the exact kind of thing I’ve been liking and used it today as a shadow. You could also use one of the brushes to do a soft liner if you cha with a full eye look. It’s great that these can double up. – I’m yet to attempt one of the darker powders as a contour but I don’t see why you couldn’t use it that way or as part of that whole ‘nose contour’ trend (that you will NEVER see me doing **eh hem Destiny Godley can you please stop?!).

Overall, as a complete novice with brows I really like this palette. It’s easy enough to get the hang of and the colours are complimentary together in the brows. There are some red tones in a powder and a wax to cater to people with auburn or dark red or brown hair but also colours for people like me with black hair but who prefer lighter, less harsh brows. I love the versatility of this palette and the fact that you could, at a push get a complete eye look out of this with one of the powders as a lid colour or even the highlighter if you’re lighter skinned since it’s pink but with peach/champagne undertones.


I realise this was quite long winded but there are technically twelve products to review here so if you got this far, high five you’re awesome, now go rest your eyes.

Get Bullet-Proofed Brows. Available in 3 shade options. FAIR to MEDIUM, MEDIUM to DARK, EXTRA DARK to BLACK at http://www.makeuprevolutionstore.com.

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