S K I N C A R E |N A T U R A L L Y R A D I A N T*

Naturally Radiant 2 in 1 Moisturiser and Serum


Naturally Radiant 2 in 1 Moisturiser and Serum is formulated with a unique energising complex and infused with kiwifruit and mulberry extract to help revive skins radiance and even out skin tone. Enriched with nourishing fruit acids, this rich velvety formula delivers long-lasting moisturisation, whist also helping to refine skins texture and clarity for a smoother, more radiant complexion.

Dermatologically tested.

Firstly, this moisturiser comes with a pump which is really good. Most moisturisers usually come in a tub which is quite annoying I find, especially in the mornings having to screw the lids on and off of things with sticky hands….. Cleanser, toner, eye cream, moisturiser, primer…

FullSizeRenderI’ve actually found this is the perfect moisturiser for the summertime and warmer weather. It’s unbelievably light and very hydrating. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue or film on the skin either. In fact, you can’t even see it afterwards like you can with so many others that a leave shine.

The smell is a little bit….. Different? It smells like something in the garden not a flower, maybe a plant. It smells natural. But maybe that’s a positive and negative since we’re not really used to smelling natural fragrances in skincare products any more. I’m so used to a sweeter scent now I can’t even place what this smells like properly. It’s definitely not offensive. It’s just odd.

This is perfect in combination with the L’Oreal Infallible Mattifying Base Primer as both have a similar texture so they don’t interfere with one another. This is my new favourite combination for prepping my skin before foundation.

I can’t speak for long term benefits of this moisturiser since I’ve only been using it for a week or so. However, so far, this has completely relegated some of my more expensive and previously loved daytime moisturisers.

This moisturiser is currently half price in Superdrug along with most of the other products in the range. As I write this post it is £2.98 instead of £5.99 in store and online.


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