B E A U T Y | I C O N I C P R O L I P S T I C K S*

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick


Be Bold. Be Iconic. Be Revolutionary. ICONIC Lips are here. 
Makeup Revolution brings you an outstanding collection of the most 
desired lipstick shades Super-Intensive coverage and comfortable to wear. 
Our contemporary packaging is now lacquered to give you the ammunition 
you need all the time. Be Bold. Be Iconic. Be Revolutionary.

University is over (:() and I’m now facing a lot of spare time on my hands before life in the real world begins. That means plenty of time to catch up on blogging and reading blogs which I have missed since the real nitty gritty started with academic work!! A couple of weeks ago I received the new Iconic Pro lipsticks in the post and got a bit excited. Now I didn’t want to post the quick swatch posts that a lot of other bloggers do on the day because I don’t really find those very helpful myself. So I’ve tested these for a couple of weeks and here we are……

I’ll do a bit of background though……

Each lipstick is £2.49 and there are 20 to choose from including mattes. The the formula is advertised as comfortable to wear, which they are but a couple of the regular lipsticks tend to move a teeny bit. Not all, just some. The mattes are the most comfortable surprisingly because they’re quite satin in finish and not as emollient.The regular formula tend to make your lips look super juicy in a heathy way which I certainly can’t complain about!

People have been likening the packaging to MAC bullets. Sure, they’re the same shape but the overall finish is more like a MAC limited edition collection than the bog standard black bullet. I do like the continuation from the £1 lipstick line where there is a colour preview on the bottom of each tube. That’s certainly helpful. I also really like the rose gold detailing but the lettering on the lid does rub off. 😦 As a side note, both the box and the bullet are labelled with a colour matched sticker with the name in addition to the colour preview.

Apologies for the quality of the image, but the shades I have are:

 You're a Star | Duel Matte | Propaganda | Looking Ahead 
| No Perfection Yet



I usually do lip swatches by I’m having camera issues where my skin is concerned since swapping to an iPhone. For some reason I just cannot get my skin to look how it looks on real life in both colour and texture. Once I figure it out, i’ll be back to lip swatches and if I remember to, I’ll update this post. In the meantime, here’s one that came out kinda decent….

LookingAhead IconicPro

Anyway… lipsticks. My favourites are definitely the two nudes. I’m already halfway through Looking Ahead and have just placed an order on MUR with a backup and Liberty Matte which people are likening to MAC’s Heroine. I like to wear it with You’re a Star in the centre of the lip or just mixed in 50/50. That to me is the perfect nude for brown skin.

Duel Matte is my next favourite. As I mentioned before, it’s the most comfortable to wear and the shade of red is really flattering. I’m just not an everyday red kinda gal.

Here are the swatches:


All in all, I like these lipsticks, there are a couple of gems in there too. These lipsticks are pigmented and nit at all streaky like a lot of similarly priced drugstore lipsticks. I don’t know that I’m going to go crazy and get all of the 20 shades, but I do think i’ll get a couple more.

You can purchase these lipsticks here.

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