B E A U T Y | F R E E D O M M A K E U P L O N D O N – M E L T S*

Freedom Makeup London – Pro Melts


Get the High Definition Intense finish with this melted lipstick formula lip gloss.  Super Intensive and Long Lasting.

There’s a new kid on the block ladies and gentlemen and they’re packing all the punches on launch day. Here I have the full collection of Lipgloss Melts from Freedom Makeup London. The premise of this new company is very similar to Makeup Revolution but Freedom products are products that can be used in a more professional manner but are still super affordable. Obviously you can wear whatever the hell you like whenever you like but what Freedom does is offer makeup kit starter packs as well as bundles of makeup that cater towards artists and not just everyday users. Not everyone has a MAC budget when they start off and not everyone can afford all of the hype products. Freedom is MAC for the masses. In reality those products are luxuries. We don’t need them, we just want them but we all know that t’s not about how expensive the product you use is. On your wedding day, or on a night out, if the quality is good and the products have ben applied the right way, no one will care if it’s Estee Lauder, Freedom, MAC or MUA. And if you really need a boost, there are even makeup courses in collaboration with House of GlamDolls (they’re awesome) available to book on the site so you can learn how to use each of the products. Each course is intensive and lasts two hours. You get all of the products you need to do a specific look too. More on this in a future post… i’m booked in for Sculpted Beauty and I’m really excited.

Anyway, back to freedom….

These lip melts are very unusual. They’re like a lacquer crossed with a gloss, crossed with a matte lip  cream. For some of these products this formula really works, for others, not so much. But we’ll get into that. There are also Pro Butters which I assume are more of a mousse/cream texture. They also come in a variety of shades but not the same as the melts.

Each Melt or Butter costs £3 or £18 for the entire Melt collection. I don’t see a collection for butters. That’s a £6 saving anyway. Not to steal slogans but ‘every little helps’.



Up | D-ream | Sugar Fix | Smooth | Wanted | Just Do It | Jammy Dodger | TGIF


I swatched these on both the arm and the lips but my lips got so sore that the pictures turned out odd because my lips were so inflamed. These things are a devil to take off without a thin layer of skin coming off too and after eight colours plus five other lipsticks, it was a tough old day in lip swatch land. I’ll include the pictures that came out fairly well.


All of the colours are thick and opaque but Just Do It takes the most work to well…. work. I had to use a blue pencil all over the lips as a base and then apply the colour slowly in sections before I got the colour how it is in the tube. The colour is definitely not an everyday colour. It’s for use on pro shoots/editorials. And I don’t say that because of the colour, I say it because of the formula. It’s not practical to put this much effort in every time you move your lips. On a shoot it would work, in real life, the colour is stunning, just not practical.


(Not edited, the sun just came in the window at an awkward moment and washed me out but it was the only selfie that actually showed the colour and shine and not just one or the other so, apologies)

 Here’s TGIF, my absolute favourite. It’s such a sexy/sultry colour. Perfect just with foundation, mascara and spectacles. 😉 It’s a candy apple/ Snow White kinda red and I’m in love with it.


The two reds and the brown/nude are the easiest to apply and most flattering. The two pinks/fuscia’s, on me, not so much but I’ll mix them and see what I come up with. Weirdly enough he Nikki Minaj lilac, Wanted, has grown on me. Worked in with a darker purple liner I could see this being a great shade on most people.


The applicator is a standard doe foot but it’s one of those that only gets product on the very tip. i feel like the neck of the tube could do with being a bit wider so that more product can come out. It’s difficult to apply a thick product only a little at a time. It’s like a nail polish, you always get a more even coat when the brush is flatter and wider.

I think these glosses are best when put on top of or mixed with something else. These are professional products, they’re not all going to be handbag staples, some of them will take work. I for one enjoy mixing new colours on a palette to get something new entirely and these lip melts really do allow you to get creative with it all. I’m a big fan and am looking forward to new lip combinations.


Get yours here plus NEW COLOURS!

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