B E A U T Y | M A S C A R A G R A V E Y A R D #1*

Mascara Graveyard/ Empties

MASCARAGRAVEYARDI.jpg In my search for the best mascaras I’ve used a fair few. Here’s part one of my mascara graveyard empties with mini reviews!

1| Boots Natural Collection Lash Length | £1.99

IMG_1365 This is a favourite for bottom lashes. I like both the black and the brown shades that you can buy. black for natural, lengthened and fanned out bottom lashes and brown for defined but subtle bottom lashes. I keep forgetting to repurchase this but certainly will (if i remember!). For such an affordable product this really does the job. It doesn’t really do much for me for top lashes because my lashes are quite thick so they’re actually quite heavy and this is kind of a ‘weak’ mascara. Don’t get me wrong, it has really good staying power but it is definitely not one for hard hitting impact. If you have fair or fine lashes however, you’ll like this one for top and bottom. I’m sure of it.

2| MUA Extreme Curl | £2.00

IMG_1359 This one has an odd smell. kind of like bathroom cleaner, but t dies the job. If you’re not bothered about length, or curl (because this one doesn’t actually add any) then I guess this will do the trick. It has good staying power and doesn’t crumble like a lot of cheaper mascaras. I really do like the the wand here, it’s a bristle brush which I prefer plus it’s curved and fits the eye nicely. If the smell wasn’t so off putting I’d repurchase.

3| No. 7 Exquisite Curl

IMG_1361 This mascara has been discontinued so I can’t repurchase it. I got in the little clearance section in Boots so it’s not surprising that it’s no longer available. I finished this one up a while ago. It was the first of the whole bunch to be done with. I remember this mascara being much more volumising than curling or lengthening and was good for a bit of oomph at the base of the lashes. It did have a tendency to get a bit clumpy though because the wand accumulated so much excess product but it was nothing good comb through couldn’t sort out. If this were still available, I don’t think i’d purchase it again though.

4| Rimmel London Extreme Black Wonder'full Mascara w/ Argan Oil | £7.99

IMG_1362 This is wonderful…. *tumble weed* Please excuse the pun. Ha! It’s really nourishing and separates the lashes. You won’t get a whole load of length but you will get lashes that are completely saturated in colour and are really healthy looking. There’s a new Wonder’full mascara out (in the green packaging) called Wake Me Up with vitamins and cucumber. it sounds gimmicky, but then again so did the argan oil and that worked out quite well, so i’ll be trying that out! For additional info, there’s a full review here.

Stay tuned for the second half of my mascara graveyard! Read Part #2 here!

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