S K I N C A R E | B L A C K H E A D R E M O V E R*

The Body Shop Double Ended Blackhead Remover


Here’s a frank and honest post about face gunk, lumps and bumps. Don’t worry, I’m not going to take any manky pictures of me with blackheads peaking out of my nose so you can rest assured….. This is just a review of a new tool in my arsenal, minus the gruesome pictures to look at while you eat your lunch!

I was watching a BuzzFeed video during a binge session about the gross things girls do in secret and one of the girls started attacking her face with a blackhead remover. Now, I don’t actually have any blackheads but I do have an abundance of white heads, spots and generally blocked pores. I thought that if anywhere would have a tool to sort all of this out then it would be Boots but I didn’t find one there at all. I did however find one at the Body Shop for £4 (more like £2 at outlet prices).

This is a double ended tool that has one small end and one large. Both ends are like the eye of a needle, with the larger side being a bit more flat so you can scoop, press and scrape to your hearts desire. The small end is good for getting in around the corners of the nose especially where you might get more build up than usual.I removed my makeup, washed my face, exfoliated, did a hot cloth cleanse and then sat down in front of the mirror last night with my new bestie. All I can say is that I was shocked. I really didn’t know I had that much crap sitting in my skin. If the stuff that came out of my face is the reason I get so many breakouts then I can now see exactly why the problem is so persistent. It was horrible how much stuff came flowing out. It just goes to show that even when you think your face is squeaky clean, grease and makeup free, it really isn’t. Just make sure you have a face wipe to hand so you can clean the tool as you go…..

You can also use this tool on spots. My main problem, and the reason I wear so much makeup is because I pop my spots and then they scar a horrible grey/black colour that I’m forced to cover and conceal. I have really long really sharp finger nails and I’ll usually press the nail into the skin which causes bruising and discolouration (sorry, TMI, maybe the pictures wouldn’t have been so bad haha). This tool allows me to pop spots really easily with minimal pressure on the skin, a lot less pain and is also a lot more hygienic. I won’t be using my hands anymore that’s for sure.

I’m a big convert for this tool and will be buying a backup so if I ever need to travel I have one on the go and one backup at home. It’s also highlighted the fact that your skin is never as clean as you think and has increased my desire to purchase an electric face brush. Everyone is bumming the Clarisonic but I think Im going to try the one that Boots have just realised before I splurge £100+.


4 thoughts on “S K I N C A R E | B L A C K H E A D R E M O V E R*

  1. anastasiias says:

    I also do the same what you described in TMI..I think common problem of lots of girls. But i try not to do this now. I know this tool is useful (the one you show) but it looks like some torture tool to me:D


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