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Freedom Makeup London – Pro Red Lipstick Collectionblogline

freedom makeup pro red thumb

I received the Pro Red collection from Freedom Makeup Londom (FML) just before launch the other day. I’m always a fan of red lipstick, even more so in the summer months because even when you’re dressed down in a plain dress you can slick on some red and feel like you’re totally dolled up! I’m even more of a fan of reds when they’re affordable and at £1 a pop you can’t really get more affordable than that.

The packaging of course reflects the price. It’s a black tube with a colour swatch at the bottom that you can’t take off (I tried for a loonngg time). What I like about these compared to MUA and 2true and other similarly priced lipsticks (plus some expensive ones too), the caps don’t come off willy nilly. Unfortunately, a couple of them, (Red Wine mainly) scroll back down as you apply pressure on application. It’s not all, just one or two but it’s enough to be sceptical of the manufacturer of the packaging. It doesn’t detract from the product in any way though, it’s just a bit tedious to wind up again and again. I can live with it for these colours though! Again, £1….. stop whinging Lauren.


You can compare these lipsticks in price to MUA or Makeup Revolution. These budget companies however are seriously stepping up the quality and formula though and these five don’t disappoint and can certainly compete within the market. These are thick and creamy but not the annoying kind that slips and slides everywhere and by lunch is in your hair, as well as on your hands and cheeks. These lipsticks are emollient and moisturising and feel cushiony soft on the lips and although they look very samey samey, each colour is subtly different and suits a variety of undertones in a very flattering way.

Born With It | Make Me Crazy | Fever | Expression | Red Wine

freedom pro red swatches

Red Wine is the thickest in consistency and to me, at first look, it was the most attractive colour. It applies really nicely and is smooth on the lips without too much movement. It’s a very sophisticated kind of red and i look forward to a morning where i wake up feeling sassy and I can put this baby on.

Expression is the thinnest in consistency. It’s nice when mixed with a lip balm for a flush of colour or layered on top of a lip liner all over for a more sculpted look. I do like it sheered out but would prefer more pigmentation. From the consistency I have a feeling that dabbed onto the cheeks with the fingers it could double as a cheek stain.

Make Me Crazy and Fever are nice too. I would have thought Fever would have been the more orange of the two judging by the name but it’s the other way around. I think? The names of each lipstick is on the cap and not the tube and when I first got these, the first thing I did was take all of the caps off, throw them down and take pictures of the bullets. I’ve checked and cross referenced with MissBudgetBeauty and the Freedom YouTube channel and I think I have them the right way around. I just wish the names were on the base of the tube or something so I could be sure. They’re also thick and creamy anyway….. Make Me crazy stains like a biatch though. – Like, day after stains…….

Born With It is my absolute favourite of the bunch. I’m notorious for somehow managing to make true pinks look horrendous on me but BWI is the perfect mix of pink and red. I mean, I dunno…. what do you think? Is it my colour? (Duck face, I know, please excuse it!)
freedom makeup born with ir pro red lip swatchOverall I like these colours and the lipsticks in general. You certainly can’t beat the price either. Anyone who complains about these is off their rocker!

For live lip swatches on a fairer skin tone, check out MissBudgetBeauty’s video on Freedom’s YoutTube channel and be sure to subscribe for more.

You can buy each individually for £1 or buy the collection of five reds for £4 online at Freedom Makeup London.

Free delivery when you spend over £15. Limited time only.

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