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Makeup Revolution Pro Curve Contour Brush Set Review


The Curve Collection Brushes for perfect contour shaping. A collection of specifically cut and shaped brushes to allow the perfect application of contour to face, cheek and eyes.- You can of course buy individual brushes which are between £3.99 and £5.99 or you can buy the set for the discounted price of £15 at a saving of £5.

Last week a set of four new brushes dropped into my mailbox. Now, I didn’t actually know they were coming and apparently neither did anyone else. I don’t know what happened but these brushes were live on the site before Makeup Revolution had even hinted that a new set was coming. Nothing on Facebook, nothing on Instagram, nothing on Twitter, but they were live on the site ready to be purchased. I think it was a missed opportunity. I don’t know how well they’ve been selling but I know for a fact people would have jumped on them had there been a little advertisement. When I opened the package I was really excited by the brushes but I’ll be honest, the cut of these isn’t as well done as some others and there are some jagged lines. But weirdly enough, this hasn’t been an issue for the performance. The bristles themselves are super soft, almost Real Techniques kinda soft and you still get the desired coverage and blendability whether you’re working with powder or cream. The ferrule of each is a rosy copper type colour. It’s pretty and fits with the rest of Makeup Revolutions colouring on packaging so there are no complaints there. The handles appear to be made from wood and are the thick and sturdy. They aren’t heavy and feel very nice in the hand when in use. If more care and attention had been put into the cutting of the bristles then these would have been the perfect drugstore brush. As it stands however, if I were to mark them out of five, they would be a four. I’ve washed these brushes once since they arrived and there was no shedding which is good as most of my new brushes, high-end or drugstore, often shed after the first wash. The website offers names of each brush, which I suppose correspond to its best use. However, the box that each brush came in, offers no directions for use which I think might have been appreciated since the shape of these brushes is unorthodox and some users, like myself, may have benefitted from to some sort of additional guidance. PRO-C FP01 The first brush is the PRO-C FP01, the powder brush. I did try this for powder and it is very nice. It’s very thick and dense and unbelievably soft. I especially enjoyed this brush for powder contouring despite the fact that it is quite wide so getting a shadow that isn’t overly large is quite taxing. It can however be achieved. I also like this brush for application of liquid foundation as you can get and very flawless coverage and is handy around the nose and the jawline. If you want to avoid pressure around the eyes on the delicate skin this brush is also good because you can blend and sweep foundation into place using the lightest of gestures. This brush is one that can ultimately be used in a number of ways for sculpting the face both with liquid and powder. PRO-CFF01 The second brush, the PRO-C FF01 is a contour foundation brush. I will first say that I wouldn’t use this brush for foundation application all over but I would use it for cream contouring. The idea of this brush is good but the tightness of the ferrule doesn’t allow for much movement in the bristles. They’re almost rigid. Washing the brush did help with this though so over time I can imagine this being much more useable brush. Liquid foundation applies with large brush strokes, kind of like when you touch velvet or suede. Trying to get a full face that is blended with no brush strokes is impossible with this. As it is, the stiffness also relegates the brush to single products. For example, if you use mineral or powder foundations then you can use the brush for powder contour and the same for cream. Ordinarily I would use a liquid or cream foundation and a powder contour. This brush just moves the original base which is quite annoying. On the plus side, I love the shape, length and width of the bristles and with bit more work this could be first class. PRO-CFH01 The third brush is the PRO-C FH01 and I absolutely love it. It is my new favourite for covering the dark acne scars on my face since it’s dense but fluffy at the same time. It covers with less product that usual, it just distributes it on the skin in a much more satisfactory way. It is so amazingly soft and handles creams, liquids and powders really well. I also really enjoy this for concealing the colouring in the corner of my eye as it’s the perfect shape to cover in one go without having to build and build product. This brush is well worth the £4.99. PRO-C EE01 The last brush, the PRO-C EE01 is kinda pointless compared to the others and was such an anticlimax for me. The shape doesn’t really allow for much unless you want a really strong cut crease. But then you would need another brush to blend the edges. It does work nicely if you want a smoky liner as you can just place the product along the top lash line, but to be fair, I have better brushes for the job. The handle of this one is quite long too. I just don’t understand where it fits in and what for. In this quad of of otherwise really nice brushes, this one is impractical. I think they could have left this one out. It’s still worth buying the set if you want the other three plus this because it still works out much cheaper, you just get brush that seems a bit misplaced for free.

Overall, I enjoy these brushes for the new and interesting additions to my collection. The two fluffier brushes are absolutely stellar and the smaller curved contour brush has some great potential. If I hadn’t been sent this I would have bought this set myself as soon as some advertising had been done. Next time I make an order, i’ll be repurchasing two of the four brushes for backups because they’re just that good. As far as I know for definite you can only buy these brushes online here. However, when I received them, they each came in an individual box with a plastic shelf hanger on the top. I don’t know if that was for storage in the warehouse or whether that’s an indicator at maybe being sold in Superdrug in the brush section, but there you go!


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