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It’s a verrrrrrrry long one today I’m afraid but I promise it’s good and you will learn a lot!

I was offered the chance to attend a two hour course with David Horne and Chinyee Chu from the House of Glam Dolls as well as Freedom Makeup and jumped on it so I could come back and tell you all. Each course is usually £50. The classes are small (8 people) and personal so if you need one on one help you can get it. When you attend you also receive a GlamBag full of Freedom products to use during the class and then take home. For a limited time you also get £28 worth of Freedom makeup in addition so you basically get the price of the ticket redeemed in product.SculptedBeauty GlamBag

When I first arrived at the GlamAcademy I was overwhelmed by how friendly and warm Chinyee was. As a Creative Director you can see her influence everywhere and it was lovely to meet her. David Horne, the fabulous other half of the duo was also welcoming and jumped straight into conversation with me about foundations for darker skin which I was so appreciative of. I’ve met so many makeup professionals who forget or prefer not to acknowledge that people with darker colouring need different products so it was fab to meet a makeup artist who really and truly knew products and colours inside and out.

David’s lovely model, MissBudgetBeauty and PrettyChitChat were in the studio when I arrived and we got to chatting about makeup of course as we went around the room taking a few pictures and waiting for the others to come. It was a full house and we started promptly at 11am.

David asked us to remove whatever makeup we were wearing so we could start with a fresh base. For me it was a completely horrifying thought because I am rarely ever seen without makeup on. I took it off anyway and was surprised when no one recoiled in horror at my damaged skin! Makeup remover, moisturiser and cotton pads were provided for us which was great. The Makeup Revolution Cleansing Water was what was on offer and I had been putting off buying it because I have so many cleansers and micellar waters that I’m yet to finish. Having tried it on the full face of foundation (tube makeup haha), I can say that I was really pleased with it and will definitely buy one to test fully when all of my others run out.


Here’s what we were aiming for:

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.41.21

The look of the day was the Sculpted Beauty. The idea of it was to have a naturally sculpted face that relied more on highlighting than on contouring and adding shadows which also means you avoid muddy shadows. It’s a look that’s very popular in Paris at the moment because you don’t change the shape of your face with darker products you simply enhance and bring out what you have naturally. David described the process which is called ‘Strobing’ as the result you would achieve if you were a toned down and much more natural Kardashian.

The Sculpted Beauty Makeup Look This makeup course at House of GlamDolls Studio in London explores and provides everything you need to create the stunning Sculpted Beauty Makeup look. A radiant makeup look based upon soft smoldering neutral sculpted eyes and flawless sculpted beautiful skin, offset by a beautiful perfect peachy coral pout. The course is ideal for intermediate makeup skill level or as a refresher.

You basically start with a very light, thin base over primer. Most of the girls used the Freedom Pro Matte foundation but since it only comes in a handful of shades at the moment the girls with darker skin were provided with some Airbase foundation and some Illamasqua Skin Base which David actually helped to create. You then take a concealer (we obviously used the Freedom Correct and Conceal palettes), that is two to three shades lighter than your base and place it under the eyes, centre of the forehead, down the nose and underneath the contour line and then down toward the jaw. I wasn’t sure about it at first because it was super bright but David’s the pro so I trusted him when he said that to achieve best results the concealer needed to be ‘so bright it borders on ashy’.

HouseofGlamDolls SculptedBeauty2

We were given Makeup Revolution Pro and Pro Curve brushes and like I said in my review the other day, the Pro Curve’s are seriously good! David was saying how for strobing with creams especially these are pretty darn perfect and I must say, I agree. So anyway, blend, blend, blend. You then take a darker concealer and apply it between the under eye highlight, which you bring down right onto the cheeks and above the jaw highlight. I had some issues here because I’m such a noob. It was lovely that David actually took the time to help us all if we needed help. He came to my side and showed me exactly how to place the products for my face shape. Since I started with all this makeup lark David showed me that I’ve been placing my contour far too high. The difference of moving it down a centimetre and a half was immediate.

Once you’ve done that, you set the face with powder. Here was another snag for darker skins. I was sitting by a lovely woman called Yetunde who you may have seen on television as she’s an actress here in the UK…. Problem was, Freedom don’t yet have a powder for us. David gave the two of us the Kat Von D Shade and Light palette to use to set contour with which was great because I got to try a cult product but not so great because it highlighted the lack of product for skins other than fair-medium.

Next it was brows. We basically had free reign with the shape of the brows which was good. I don’t usually do much with mine anyway so it was nice that brows for the look were arched but natural. The Eyebrow Kit Medium/Dark was provided. I already own this palette and the wax is really good. As someone with black hair though, the powders weren’t for me. For a blonde or even a redhead this palette would be really good because the colours are very ashy.


Once we had all of that done we applied blush. The blush was the Pro Blush in True Loved. It’s a pretty pink that complemented what we were about to do with the eyes. I’ll do a separate review on all of the products but this was definitely one that you can wear no matter the skin colour. Even Yetunde who is several shades darker than me, looked awesome in this blush.

Eyes were next and we used the Pro Decadence Palette in Today’s Tonight (exclusive to Beauty Crowd) which is a selection of rosy shadows similar to Urban Decay Naked 3. I was actually a bit behind at that point because I had been unpacking a few things so if i’m completely honest, I have no idea what the eye look was! I took a look at the face chart and basically went with a matte peach/rose all over, into the crease and a bit above and then blended a light brown with a hint of black in an exaggerated ‘C’ shape around the outside of the eye. Liner was up to us so I went with a thin wing with black smoky shadow because that was my interpretation of the chart.

We were given a set of fluttery GlamDolls DollLift corner lashes to accentuate the eyes too which was unexpected. I also bought another pair for my own use because I was so impressed with how they lifted the eyes in pictures. Before that though was lengthening mascara. I was pleasantly surprised by the mascara. I actually really like it and appreciate the understated packaging. I’m kind of over weird and wonderful mascara tubes and this one is plain black with white writing. The actual performance is good as well even if the smell is slightly pharmaceutical.

To finish everything off we had a coral/peach lipstick in Juicy Lips. We all kind of looked at the colour in the tube and collectively thought ‘nope’. Weirdly enough, once we had all applied it and adjusted it with lip pencil and whatnot we all said it was a gorgeous colour. I toned down the edges of mine with the Elf Matte Lip Colour in Praline. And can I just say that Farheen from TheSurrealBuzz and her colouring suited the colour the most. She looked gorgeous.

**Finished Look : One in the studio under lights and one in a pub with natural light through windows. This really is a natural look that doesn’t age you at all like harsh contouring can do. I felt super fresh and girly wearing this.



I don’t think I got the technique perfect but have been and will be practicing it because I think this is so workplace appropriate and now I’ve graduated I’ll need to to tone down my makeup as I head out of academia and begin full-time employment.

The overall experience was just so well organised and put together and the little lunch and drinks session that a few of us had afterwards was so fun and full of giggles!

The day was awesome, the products that were available performed really well and I met some awesome people (PaulinaSiedlecka, HollieJWalsh and all the others previously mentioned). I don’t want to dwell too much about what was missing but it is something that can’t be ignored. Sure enough there will be people, boys included, of all different skin tones who will want to take one of these courses. So, what was missing were products  that could be used by everyone. Not having even a basic base for a number of skin colours is a bit of a bummer. Freedom are still new and what they have achieved even with these courses is amazing so I just know that they won’t let us down with getting darker products in future. Professionals need every colour under the sun or at least a product that you can mix to make every colour so when Freedom get that they’ll begin to dominate the market, I can just tell.

I know I’ve told you a whole lot about what we learned and you might ask, well why would I pay £50 for that now? These courses are only snippets of three day courses by GlamDolls and you learn so much more about makeup, networking and industry that just how to strobe or contour. There are people on YouTube who will demonstrate how to do things, but that’s on their face not on ours. Having the chance to apply makeup with other people in the same position as you, a proper makeup artist to ask questions and guide you, not some girl who wants to work at MAC, is worth so much more than £50, trust me.

I will definitely be going back in the future to do one of the other classes with a friend who was bummed that I didn’t tell her about Saturday. To make a day of it with a train down to London, a makeup course, some lunch, shopping and maybe a show would be an absolutely perfect day out! Thanks so much Freedom and House of GlamDolls. You’re onto a winner here. See you again soon!

House of GlamDolls, I’m coming’ for ya!
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http://www.houseofglamdolls.com @YodaOfCosmetics office@houseofglamdolls.com

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